Seriously how low are some people???

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Seriously how low are some people???

I'm new to the game & yesterday i joined a random campaign mission in there were like 3 other people in it. 1 guy was very nice in wanted to give me a legendary scythe in when he dropped it my backpack was unfortunately full ?

So me being new to the game i'm still trying to get use to the controls & how everything works. once im in my backpack in go to weapons to drop something to pick up the legendary scythe like as soon as I dropped stuff to pick it up. This other guy in the game comes by in picks it up…………….

I'm just at a loss of words

Like this guy was being very nice in trying to help out a new player at the game but some jerk just came by in just ruined that………..

this same jerk also kept dropping orange weapons & picking them back up fast. he then proceeds to build like a small squared shaped "house" over me with me & him just in it. he then builds like a wall between the two of us with a window in just keeps dropping orange weapons & picking them back up fast.

He then types in the chat: Drop for pumpkin launcher Me: Drop what Him: Any

So I just dropped like two guns to see what he would do. I drop like a green gun & a blue assault rifle with a electricity symbol of 10. He then picks them up in leaves the game……..

I'm just like you are really pathetic. He first picks up the legendary scythe that someone was being very nice and was trying to give me then does all that???


Like to be honest I didn't really care about the two guns I dropped to see what he would do. thats why I dropped them its just the principle of the matter. I imagine this jerk has the best weapons in the game but wants some low level weapons for his orange gun? LMAO!

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And just trying get free guns from new players of the game like seriously how pathetic are you??? You probably have some of the best stuff in the game but want free guns off of new players of the game that are starting out???

I honestly just wanted to get this off my chest. It really kind of got me heated. I honestly don't expect something for free from making this post. its not my intention.

I honestly wasn't even expecting someone to even give me a legendary scythe but he kept shooting at me in I went over to him in he drop a legendary scythe in shot at it to let me know you can pick it up. In I was like WOW! It's so awesome to see players help out new players starting out! ????

But then some jerk had to come in ruin that ????

I do still have the jerks gamertag. I do see you can report a player in the game but I don't think this is the kind of stuff its used for? I imagine its for players like cheating & stuff?

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