Shockwave mini-guide: Fun and games with my favorite soldier ability

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Shockwave mini-guide: Fun and games with my favorite soldier ability

The Building Blocks
Shockwave does significant AOE damage around the soldier, and can also be used to avoid fall damage when activated just before hitting the ground from a long fall. By default it has a 25 second cooldown and costs 30 energy.


The hero perks that directly affect shockwave are:

Power ImpactLove Ranger JonesyIncreases the radius of shockwave
Doppler EffectShock Trooper RenegadeDecreases the cooldown of shockwave*
Escape ArtistArchetype HavocTemporarily increases movement speed after using shockwave
Short FuseBerserker RenegadeResets shockwave's cooldown when your shield breaks. Can only be activated every 20 (standard perk) or 12 (commander perk) seconds
Explosive OptimizationOnslaught HeadhunterReduces the energy cost of shockwave (I find this one to be unnecessary and even detrimental when combining with the bio-energy source team perk)


Other perks that are useful for shockwave:

Bio-Energy SourceTeam perk from Lynx KassandraRecovers shields when energy is lost/spent
Fuel for the FallenFallen Love Ranger JonesyEliminations restore energy over 3 seconds
SurvivalistSurvivalist JonesyEliminations restore health over 3 seconds
FleetFleetfoot KenIncreases movement speed


The Gimmick Build: How to Shockwave Every 3 Seconds and be nearly unstoppable

  • GXNGIlH - Shockwave mini-guide: Fun and games with my favorite soldier ability
    Hero loadout
  • Go to
    missions - Shockwave mini-guide: Fun and games with my favorite soldier ability and set the Storm Mutations filter to "Well Drilled Soldiers". This mission modifier reduces the cooldown and energy cost of soldier abilities.
  • Go into one of the missions that comes up (I recommend destroy the encampments) and go nuts!

You can now use an expanded shockwave every 3 seconds and as long as you are getting eliminations it will also restore health, shields, energy, and give you a speed boost


Short Fuse Build (Doesn't rely on mission modifiers)
This allows a huge shockwave twice in a row every 20 seconds that also heals you and restores your energy

With this loadout you can shockwave a group of enemies, then intentionally let any survivors break your shield, then immediately hit them again. After that you finish off any leftovers and repeat again after 20 seconds.

Alternately you can use short fuse in the commander slot but I didn’t like it as much because then the 20s cooldown of shockwave and 12s cooldown of short fuse are out of sync.



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