Short Introduction/Guide/Info for players new to Save The World.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Short Introduction/Guide/Info for players new to Save The World.

Hey guys, its Dan here. Here's a small Introduction to items in Save The World. Recently my Friend bought Save The World and didn't quite understand what she was receiving at all. That reminded me of my old days where I was the same. This makes it clear that Epic should provide a small Introduction to items before giving out the items to players. A New player won't know what Flux, Perk-Up etc is. With that out of the way, here's the introduction:

Introduction to items:

Gold: Gold is the currency received from doing missions or daily challenges. It can be used to buy stuff from the item shop (heroes, weapon schematics, trap schematics etc).

V-Bucks: V-Bucks are used to buy Llamas in STW.

Llamas*: llamas are bought by V-Bucks and give out random item each day. You can see which item it gives. The llamas usually resets when the item shop resets.

Event Tickets: Currently Spring tickets, these tickets are used to buy the special event llamas and are earned through missions. The special event llamas, currently the Pirate Llamas, give out the stuff that won't be available after the event ends. These events last for the whole BR season.

Flux: Flux is used for increasing the rarity of different items, heroes etc. There are different rarities of Flux: Legendary, Epic etc. Epic flux can increase the rarity from rare (blue) to epic (purple). Same with Legendary Flux, increasing rarity from epic (purple) to legendary (yellow/gold).

Reperks: Reperks are earned through missions and item shop. They are used for changing perks of weapons/traps.

People: It is a picture with people in it. It is used for transforming stuff and also for evolving schematics.

Daily Quests: Daily Quests are given to you once every day, you can complete this simple quest to earn 50-100 V-Bucks and 240 Gold, the quests are simple like complete three missions, rescue 25 survivors or eliminate 500 husks. You can have up to three daily quests at a time and can replace one if you’re not up for the challenge. When you replace a daily quest, it will be replaced by a new daily quest that you can complete. (u/thegaminbellend)

Survivors: Survivors are also earned through missions or quests and can also be earned through llamas and item shop. There are also different rarities of Survivors, with mythic being the highest one. They provide a bonus and increase your Power Level.

Survivors Squad (thanks to u/BACARDI-from-NL for the suggestion):

There are 3 thing to look at:

1-lead survivors gives the most power level, try to match their leadership (for example training team or doctor) matching survivors gives double power.

2-"normal" survivors also have a personality like analytical or dreamer, if you match them with the personality of the lead survivor you get bonus points to your power level.


3-this is mainly for end game players, all "normal" survivors have a set bonus, like trap durability or shield regeneration if you match a couple together you can get small boosts in your play, like more trap durability, more health, more meleedamage etc.

Power Level: Power Level is the number you see on the top left on the screen (eg: ⚡49) This Power Level determines how easy/hard it is for you to fight husks. There are different missions that require you to be on different Power Levels. The higher your Power Level is, the more easier it is for you to fight husks. The highest Power Level is ⚡131.

Heroes: Heroes are very important. They determine your play style. There are different classes of Heroes: Soldier, Ninja, Constructor, Outlander. Each class has it's own perk and each hero in that class has different perk. You can view the perk by clicking on the hero and pressing V or clicking inspect. Commander is the hero that you use in the mission. The heroes in support team give you support perks.

Soldier does the highest damage with guns and suits for an aggressive playstyle; Ninjas can double jump and do high damage with melee weapons such as swords, scythes, clubs etc; Constructors have building perks such as BASE. Base increases the building's health, thus making it harder for husks to destroy buildings; Outlanders farm materials alot faster. They also have a cute robot named Teddy which helps you kills husks. He is a BEAR.

Gadgets: You can use two Gadgets at one time, currently most people use Hover Turret which is a small drone that helps you kill husks and the adrenaline rush with heals your health. There are more gadgets such as teleporter, Air Strike or slowing field etc.

Tips for new players:

Don't ever trade. Just dont. All of the people in Stonewood are scammers. Save traps and don't recycle them since traps are very useful late game.

Tip: once you reach Canny Valley and Twine Peaks, always replace your daily quests as doing so will give you a chance of getting the “complete three missions in Canny Valley” or “complete three missions in Twine Peaks” daily quests. What’s special about these is that they award 75 and 100 V-Bucks respectively, while all other daily quests only award 50 V-Bucks. (u/thegaminbellend)

This is all I had to say. I will update this post when I get time with pictures. If I missed anything or stated anything incorrect, please give feedback in comments. Also please forgive me for my English, it's not my native language. Have a great day/night!

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