Should some gadgets be reworked?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Should some gadgets be reworked?

I see the same gadgets being used every game. Out of the 8 available in the game, I've only seen adrenaline rush, hover turrets, slow field and air strike being used in the last 7-8 months. Banner while being good, I've only personally used it in jail builds or Frostnite. Supply drop I've only seen being used in ventures and not in normal missions, plus what you get for every ~6 minutes isn't much. For proximity mines, I have never in my life seen a person using it, except for maybe once when someone was running Gold Knox, but I don't see anyone using him anymore. And for the teleporter, the last time I have seen someone use it was Frostnite 2019, and I have never seen anyone using it in normal missions. So most of them deserve a buff or rework to them.

So my rework would be:

  • Banner (maxed out) – Increases all buildings health in a 1.5 tile radius by 150% permanently and any worn downed build with be fully healed when first placed. Now acts as a respawn point for all players. Additionally, if placed within range of B.A.S.E, armor of all buildings affected by B.A.S.E increased by 20. Usable every 3 minutes.

(Decreasing extra max health to buildings, but increasing it's range and making the effect permanent instead of 45 seconds. Removing shockwave since it barely does anything, and an additional B.A.S.E effect.)

  • Supply Drop (maxed out) – Can't be used within the first 6 minutes of the match. Gives 120 of each material (wood, stone, and metal). Drops 1 guaranteed mechanical part, powder, twine, and ore. Rarity of material depends on power level of zone. Drops a random trap, with its rarity and level depending on mission. Additionally, also drops 2-4 coconuts or sub wafers. Also drops ammo of each type of weapon. Usable every 360 seconds.

(Increased material amount. Also gives guaranteed of all materials and ammo listed above. Trap rarity depends on power level of mission. For example, using it in a 140 zone will drop a 140 trap. Also made it so you can get sub wafers or coconuts from it. Increased it's time to use by 30 seconds to balance it out a bit).

  • Teleporter (maxed out) – Deploys two teleporters pads that has infinite range from within each other. Arms in 3 seconds. Can teleport friendly and enemy projectiles. Can be picked up instantly once placed.

(Made the range infinite instead of 30 tiles, but increased time to set up from 1.5 to 3 seconds. To be honest, I don't know how to make this one better since it's job is to teleport, so infinite range is the best I can think of.)

  • Proximity Mines (maxed out) – Has up to 12 charges. Explodes when an enemy is in a 2 tile radius of one. The explosion will leave any husk caught in the explosion on fire, dealing fire damage to it over 3 seconds.

(Extra charges and bigger radius. Also leaves husks on fire if they live.)

  • Slow Field (maxed out) – Reduces movement speed of husks by 40% in a 1 tile radius for 45 seconds. Additionally, healer husks will heal other husks and itself 40% slower in the slow field.

(Just wanted to add that little extra buff to it, healers heal to much in high power levels, especially in groups. I don't know if their healing slows down already in the slow field, but if it doesn't this would be useful.)

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