Siegebreaker vs Deathray vs Argon Assault Rifle?

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So, for better or worse, the Siegebreaker is probably the most-used full-auto Assault Rifle in the game. It's well-liked, well-rounded, and doesn't have any glaring flaws.

The Deathray and Argon Assault Rifle are two energy Assault Rifles that, like the Siegebreaker, are full-auto. Unlike the Siegebreaker, they innately deal energy damage, and use energy ammo (as opposed to light bullets). Apparently they can no longer roll an element on top of their energy.

So let's have a quick look at their stats in comparison, using my in-game collection book (with level 1 schematics), so keep in mind the damage numbers won't line up with what you've got.

Headshot Damage175.6206.14320.67
Critical Hit Chance10%10%15%
Critical Hit Damage50%50%75%
Fire Rate12.08.06.0
Magazine Size304030
Reload Time2.33.02.5
Ammo Cost111

So we can see from the numbers that the Argon shoots slower, hits harder, and has better crits. The Deathray has the "medium" rate of fire, "medium" damage, and it's got a bigger capacity. The Siegebreaker shoots more bullets, dealing more overall damage.


From my own brief testing, the Siegebreaker has roughly-upwards recoil, the Deathray has sporatic "popcorn" recoil, and the Argon seems to have "popcorn" recoil that is actually reduced during full-auto (or maybe the slower rate of fire makes it appear to be reduced) but worse than either when used to "tap-fire" in semi-auto or bursts. The recoil patterns/behaviors are different, but the guns are ultimately similarly accurate at range.

So, looking at these 3 guns so far, they all seem to be fairly equal. The issue is, Deathray and Argon Assault Rifle apparently can no longer roll elements, whereas Siegebreaker can. So, facing elemental husks (which are the stronger husks that require the most bullets, and can't as easily be killed with traps and abilities), dealing specific elemental damage is going to be more efficient. This means, best case scenario, Siegebreaker is going to have the correct element, and Deathray/Argon won't.

Couple that with the crafting cost of energy cells compared to light bullets (most expensive ammo vs cheapest ammo), puts Siegebreaker far ahead.

Am I missing something? Are Deathray and Argon Assault Rifle just worse alternatives to Siegebreaker? Do they have any meaningful redeeming traits?

Maybe their innate energy frees up a slot so they can specialize in having more damage? Making them viable against all elements, but not especially good against any, while also dealing well with non-elemental enemies?

I'd like to know what everyone else thinks about these weapons.

My suggestion would be to significantly lower the recoil of Deathray and Argon Assault Rifle, so at least they can be the "accurate during full-auto" rifles (since this game is lacking in that department).

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