Simple guide to all the “How should I perk this weapon?” and “Is my 6th perk useless?” questions.

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Assault Rifles:

  • Usually go crit builds (meaning crit rating + crit dmg), if the gun has a base crit chance of 15% or higher, then definitely go for crit builds.

  • If you have excellent HS accuracy in the 60%+ range, then go HS builds (meaning dmg + HS dmg). This is useful on scooped ARs like the Tiger.

  • But even if you're good at HS the crit build won't underperform the HS build by much; in most cases the DPS difference is less than 3-5%, very insignificant.

  • Going with crit builds remove the HS variable so (ie. when the smasher is back facing you and you can't hit those HS), so just go crit.


  • Crit builds only.


  • HS builds generally outperform. Especially on pistols like Beagle and Whisper .45.


  • You're always aiming for the head so go for HS builds.

  • Some sniper rifles like the Betsy/Spyglass have insane base dmg, going with crit builds are viable too since you're mostly overkilling things on HS regardless of your weapon build.

  • Other snipers have a very high base HS multiplier, so it's better to run HS builds. To check the HS multiplier just look at the weapon's base dmg vs. HS dmg. Ralphie's Revenge has a 5x HS multipler (meaning if it has a base dmg of 100, HS will be 500), you'll always run HS builds on that gun.


  • Launchers are fodder killing weapons, nobody uses them for sustained DPS. They are also useful for impact, meaning you can send husks flying away and delay their time to reach the objective (except for the Noble which is purely a fodder killing machine)

  • So depending on what you use it for, go for either dmg or impact builds. I suggest impact because fodders will die regardless of your perk selection. Impact offer better utility value in virtually all scenarios.

  • Also have at least 1 reload speed since launchers take a few seconds to reload.

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  • I assume you're using melee because you're running heroes that boost melee dmg, or crit rating (ie. Harvester, Deadly Blade, Steel Wool Syd).

  • You'll generally run crit builds on your weapons.

  • If you have both your base hero and your support hero boosting 18% crit rating each, it is beneficial for DPS to run double crit dmg perks on your weapons.

6th Perk

  • This gets more complicated and differs by weapon type.

  • For DPS you want Snare or Affliction. Snare offers better utility vs. Affliction because Affliction Dmg is borderline useless (the affliction dmg make up a tiny % of your overall dmg; Dragon's Roar is the only exception). For melee weapons you only want Snare. The reason why these 2 are preferred is because they will allow you to roll +45% dmg to Snared/Afflicted in your 5th slot. +45% dmg is a lot!!!

  • 5 HS in a row gives +30% dmg. This is not a bad perk, 30% dmg is free legendary dmg perk… BUT you have to hit 5 HS, so depends on the weapon type, this may be great or this may be useless. You want this perk on a gun with high fire rate and steady recoil. Bottom-line: Useless on all shotguns and sniper rifles.

  • HS explosions: Useful as long as you're using the gun as an all-purpose fodder clearing weapon.


When in doubt, go for crit builds.

Side-notes: Weapon stability is the most useless perk in game. It reduces recoil but doesn't affect bloom. You can offset recoil by active aiming downwards.

P.S. I've spent way more time than I shud playing with numbers in Whitesushii's spreadsheet, I did not explain the math behind anything in this post because I wanted to make it simple.. but pure dmg builds generally underperform by >20% vs. crit builds (in terms of DPS). If there's only 1 takeaway from this post then this should be your takeaway.

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