Simply increasing the amount of enemies and their health is an awful way to increase difficulty.

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I've noticed that around the end of Plankerton, the only difficulty increase is the amount of enemies and their health. Since you've already "met" all of the mist monsters, and elements just started to come into play, all you're really gonna see from now on is the occasional elemental mist monster and husks; all that is done to increase difficulty from there on forward is increasing the enemies' health.

Frankly, this is an awful way to spike the difficulty, especially for the end game. You don't feel like the game's becoming any more difficult, just that enemies are becoming bullet sponges, a problem similiar games like The Divison and Borderlands 2 have. This is not fun and any sense of improvement towards your skill is taken out of the gameplay. After all, every zone proudly proclaims to having more dangerous enemies than the last, when in reality they just end up being harder to kill.

A game that handled this very well is Killing Floor 2. The game's developers barely increased health at higher difficulties, but instead gave the monsters more attacks to work with, which the player in return has to watch out for, a problem that isn't present in earlier difficulties where you're supposed to first learn the basic game mechanics. Here are some suggestions to make the game harder in the end game without simply adding another multiplier to enemy health and damage. The only enemies that should be giant bulletsponges are Husky Husks, since that is quite literally their purpose. But right now, this almost applies to any enemy.



  • Increase their range and lasers-per-second in Canny Valley, again in Twine Peaks.
  • Increase their movement speed in Twine Peaks.


  • Decrease the time it takes Smashers to recover from a charge in Canney Valley, further in Twine Peaks.
  • Increase the speed at which Smasher charge in Canney Valley and onward.


  • Allow Flingers to fling Blasters in Twine Peaks. (This adds another level of threat to both Flingers and Blasters as there could suddenly be a Blaster shooting you from your own base if you're not careful.)
  • Significantly reduce the windup of the Flinger's spin attack in Canny Valley and onward. (Not the actual fling, but their self-defense move.)


  • Takers ignore shield health in Twine Peaks, but have lower health than in Canney Valley.
  • Walls Takers phase through take a maximum % value of their total health as damage in Canny Valley and forward.

These are just some ideas to add depth and risk to higher level gameplay and the endgame in Fortnite.

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