Since i’m burnt out. though i’d share ideas.

index - Since i'm burnt out. though i'd share ideas.

1: Fortnite Menu

Since this is the type of game you'd rescue survivors and so, why not make use of them. Scrap the menu and have your literal very own Shelter that has a Mission Board, Vendors (will explain later) and so on, the shelter will expand with merchant improvements and Powerlevel stats as you gather more survivor and throw in/complete the Material/Objective requirements.

2: Merchants

Since the material system is what makes the game too grindy and its the reason i'm burnt. why not add a credit system in the game, you gather currency from everything, such as Husk drops, Containers, Rewards and so on. you spend these resources to the merchants in the Shelter and they will you a quantity of materials. as you progress and expand the shelter, weapon vendors will appear and you can have a whole variety, also weapon vendors can give you quests to acquire Legendary stuff so you will get a guaranteed reward (my friend gave up on Fortnite due to RNG). and Weapon Merchants give out a rotation of weapons. a Merc Vendor could offer you Heroes and defenders, but this time, they are pricey to get and require a special resource, Merc Tokens (acquired from Mutant Storms). this vendor will only sell from Common to Rare heroes. thanks to the Gold currency, you can get Rarity Upgrades. this way, you can finally acquire a specific hero you want. say, i wanted the powerbase knox, but i had to rely on RNG and it sucked. but this way, you can enjoy the game without burning out and feel satisfied.

3: Trading

we all know this one, Trading needs to exist since its getting out of control with scammers. i dont need to say anymore about this.

4: The Main Questline


This is by far the most boring thing in the game, tedious "do this, do that" objectives.
Epic has the potential to make this a really good cinematic experience. especially the introduction of the game got me all "wow, this is awesome!". so why dont they narrow down the questline, a Main-Quest giver Ray sitting in Shelter. and each mission will be purely Cinematic. such as "Go to the Vindertech Lab and find out what went wrong" and Triggers a cutscene as you go down to underground lab? and you have to fend off the Smasher as he breaks out of the container that says "Subject 14, Do Not Disturb" or something. and each of the missions would be slightly linear with some of them that require defending. also dont add too much Filler main quests, restrict access to the next one by adding a Level requirment.

5: Survivors

the whole leveling system feels clunky and tedious. like a chore to do. Why not join together the progression/Expsansion of the Shelter to your overall powerlevel with all these survivors? there could be a NPC that allows you to manage survivors and a court of training, that passively levels your Survivors while you're out and about. in or out of the game.

6: Community Hub

Your Shelter is your private instance (unlike that godawful SDD) where you will start in as you launch the game. your party / friends can join into your Shelter but they cant meddle with the management of the shelter, can simply speak to NPCs and Vendors. (Vendors are all the same to everyone, but there would be certain quest-only weapons/heroes that will be locked from visitors).

7: Interactive Llamas

Yes, i want a llama that i acquire, in the Shelter. that i can actually whack and watch it swing around, breaking apart. that would be the most fun way to acquire loot. (if there are players, they cant pick up the dropped loot. but they can take a whack at it if they want, the Llama wont be damaged from them)

That's about it, Fortnite is a great game, but it's tediously grindy and doesnt feel rewarding after a while. so Epic, stop relying on RNG. the Event Store is a perfect example that could fix all problems.

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