Since leechers wont get fixed, can we fix defenders?

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - Since leechers wont get fixed, can we fix defenders?

It sucks that missions are designed for 4 players while at the same time having an leecher epidemic that havent been fixed for over 7 months.

Since that issue wont get fixed anytime soon can you atleast fix defenders so a player that wants to do missions alone can do so without having to use up 50% of his max ammo for each defender on a 7 min defence? Not to even mention using up gun durability like crazy and dying if a husk sneezes on them. Yeah its a coop game and all that but i really cant see that at all when i join a vbuck alert and find 2 guys afk spinning and the other one running around the map picking up every damn flower and looting every cardboard box he can even after 20 mins has passed. Also its quite hard to do strategic building with strangers so with defenders being an valid option you could make missions the way you want to without griefing others. Point is, making defenders actually useful for single players would be a very good band aid until the leecher issue is fixed.


And no, they will never replace real players even if their firepower gets increased to near player stats since they cant build or place traps or help with quests or use abilities or basicly anything that isnt shooting that players can do. And despite that they will still require resources to use not to mention having to use precious hero xp to level.

EDIT: Yall should seriously try doing a mission in private mode with 3 defenders. While you may use up a ton of materials, you will instantly realise why i want better defenders (i.e using less materials so they become worth using). Better yet try doing this in leecher-infested missions like vbuck alerts, you will realise the relief of not having to worry about teammates that afk spin or farm for 40 mins

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