Sir Lancelot, Ninja Melee Builds (quite write-up, perks, numbers)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Sir Lancelot, Ninja Melee Builds (quite write-up, perks, numbers)

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The following is a quick write-up looking at the 'Sir Lancelot' spear.


This is a quick write-up because

  • You can only get 1 of them (and spears in general were not all that amazing pre this spear)
  • The design of the weapon suggests it isn't designed to be used by melee specialists (final perk, heavy attack attributes and the slightly longer melee range).


The write-up conditions will assume

  • Element: Physical vs Physical
  • Tanky target (like a mini-boss) where the damage would actually matter
  • Any buffs/conditional status requirements are active 100% of the fight (i.e. targets always afflicted to benefit from damage vs afflicted).


The 'heavy attack' costs ~ 40 energy and does ~ "2.13 times" the normal light attack damage. I'm not particularly going to dwell on heavy attack specialised builds but given that (weapon perk wise) you'd need to pick between "heavy attack efficiency" or "critical damage" I can't imagine anyone taking the energy cost reduction.


The main 3 perks that would be key to any melee loadout (for the purposes of doing damage with the spear) are described below.


PerkNormalPerk +
Assassination22.5% Melee damage67.5% Melee Damage (supposed to be 90%, but bugged)
Corrosive Strikes37% of critical hit damage as 'tick' for 3 sec dot. Inherits weapon element87% of critical hit damage as 'tick' for 3 sec dot. Inherits weapon element
Poking Holes25% spear damage to afflicted targets50% spear damage to afflicted targets, 18.5% of attack (hit or crit) as 'tick' for 3 sec dot. Inherits weapon element. Superceded by Corrosive Strikes


This write-up assumes (for Assassination+) 67.5% damage (instead of 90%) because all testing in-game suggests that's the actual value currently implemented.


The numbers will rotate through this set of 3 heroes, giving each a turn at the Commander slot and looking at the numbers.

Numbers and Stuff

CommanderHitCritCrit %Avg Dmg/HitAttacks/SecAttacks/3 secCorro Drop %DPS (Total)DPS (Corro)Corro % of DPSDPS (Weapon)Perks
Deadly Blade186.06781.45253501.6181.66752.2931515.893679.86344.849836.03(1x) 30 Crit Rating, (2x) 135% Crit Dmg, (1x) 30% Dmg
Assassin223.86940.21253603.5271.66752.2931353.756347.87825.6971005.878(1x) 30 Crit Rating, (2x) 135% Crit Dmg, (1x) 30% Dmg
Deadly Lotus207.06869.65253558.2341.66752.2931252.161321.77125.697930.39(1x) 30 Crit Rating, (2x) 135% Crit Dmg, (1x) 30% Dmg


Obviously these numbers are based on the assumption that you're attacking a tanky husk (like a mini-boss) so you could have all the buffs active but it's not going to make any significant difference either way. Fodder husks are generally going to die regardless of whether you have the buffs or not (melee hits stupidly hard anyway and you have 53% crit chance right off the bat). Sadly enough the actual 'Spear Specialist' hero ends up being the worst Commander once you're up and running in combat. This isn't really all that surprising, but I will come back to the spear hero later.


For those that are wondering, if you had a Spectral Blade and a loadout for swords (Commander: Corrosive Strikes+, Support: Assassination, Legendary Blade, Anatomy Lessons) under the same conditions you would end up doing ~ 2051.991 DPS (which, obviously craps all over the Lancelot output).



Lancelot: Attack Range

  • Every other melee weapon in the game has an attack range of about 256 range (which is 1/2 a tile)
  • Lancelot has an attack range of about 386 range (which is 3/4 of a tile)
  • 56pHzbR - Sir Lancelot, Ninja Melee Builds (quite write-up, perks, numbers)
    The screenshot is here for your reference. Green = Other Melee/Pick-Axe. Red = Lancelot
  • You can see what the difference is (visually)
    eMCX6Br - Sir Lancelot, Ninja Melee Builds (quite write-up, perks, numbers)
    here in this image. The inner circles (1, 2) represent 1/2 and 3/4 of a tile range respectively


Since player melee range exceeds husk melee range there is very little practical difference with the increased range. You get an extra 1/4 tile breathing space with the Sir Lancelot but that won't really amount to much for melee veterans.


Who is the Sir Lancelot Good For?


If you look at the final perk of the weapon it should give you a bit clue: " Hitting an enemy with this weapon grants +8 armor for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times."

  • The weapon has 'slightly' longer melee range, which is good for people who aren't used to melee, but not so much for melee veterans.
  • You can potentially get 40 armor (8 * 5) just from meleeing stuff, not even killing the target
  • You can get an insane amount of critical hit chance without needing to slotting melee hero perks.
  • The 'heavy attack' of the weapon also stops Smasher charges (much in the way that Bullrush does).


All Ninjas get shadow stance (60 armor) after they land a melee elimination. Armor provides less damage reduction the more you have of it.

ArmorDamage Reduction %


  • 0 → 8 = +7.41% damage reduction
  • 8 → 16 = +6.39% damage reduction
  • 16 → 24 = +5.56% damage reduction


  • 0 → 40 = +28.57% damage reduction
  • 60 → 100 = +12.5% damage reduction


You can potentially kit out the weapon to have x2 60% impact perks in the same way you can the Smasher Basher and critical hits (based on testing) grants you double the impact of a normal hit. I'm not going to list out all the impact math here, just keep it in mind.


Based on the weapon attributes you get the 'most value' out of it by setting it up for use by a non-ninja Commander, with Constructors being the best option out of Constructors/Soldiers/Outlanders

  • Some Constructors have bull-rush and the heavy attack has similar use case scenarios
  • The synergistic potential between a weapon with a fast(ish) attack speed, high impact potential and high critical hit chance is amazing (just to wipe out fodder husks and proc kinetic overload)
  • If you need to stop a Smasher charge, a Constructor is more likely than the other 2 class types to be in position (assuming the Constructor is repairing an using their other close range abilities).


You're free to perk out weapons however you want (it is your investment after all) but I can't recommend that anyone pick up a 'melee killing spear build' based on this one weapon alone. The heroes required to make it amazing just don't exist for solo players. If you're a solo type player swords and scythes will work out much better than spears will (due to the weapons available in the game).


If you have a premade group with a Constructor who runs the following two perks a spear oriented hero could work out for you.

  • BOOM Base (12% damage, 15 crit rating)
  • Electrified Floors (this applies 'affliction' to husks within the B.A.S.E zone)


Having these two perks in the combat zone makes a world of difference to the potential of spear weapons (other spears that are not the Sir Lancelot). It brings up your critical hit chance to a respectable level (without sacrificing damage) and ensures that the husks are 'pre-afflicted' so you're not starting from zero.

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