Small tweaks that are needed.

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There are obviously many things that we all think are needed in the game and I am not going to list everything that I think is Needed but when it comes to resources there are some small tweaks that I think could really help the Game.

Farming is part of the game and I dont think anyone thinks it should not be part of the game but after hours upon hours of farming the are two resources in particular that I think need to be adjusted for the amount of drops: Fibrous Herbs and Nuts and Bolts . Nuts and bolts you can actually fram quite a lot of in a decently short time…the problem is that soooo many things require them that they do not last long at all. One of two things should happen, either increase the drop rate or decrease the amount required for crafting. Simply having cars give 2 instead of 1 would make a big difference. For Fibrous herbs you have to go around uprooting plants like crazy and you dont always get herbs. At the end of a farming mission they are easily the one resource that I have managed to farm the least of. Again a couple things can be done to improve this, one would be to make the crafting of Duct tape only 1 herb rather than 2 and the second would be to simply increase the drop rates of herbs.


Another possible solution is one I have seen mentioned else where and that is to allow these resources to be craft-able themselves. Be able to craft nuts and bolts from Metal (makes sense since they are just reshaped metal), Craft herbs from flowers (2 flowers equal 1 herb?) Craft Planks from Wood! (like nuts and bolts they are just reshaped wood).

I pretty much end up with an over abundance of most other resources and even end up dropping and destroying some but Herbs and Nuts and Bolts……can never have enough of them!

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