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You guys are doing an absolutely amazing job with these updates as of late! I'm glad to see some devs still listen to their players. That being said though there are a few things that myself and others feel could be improved upon that I'll talk about below. But either way if you read this or not, keep up the great work!

Firstly: The Perk Recombobulator All in all, I loved this update. I was starting to feel burned out before this was announced and when it was released I was sucked right back into the game. The fact I can now fix the three reload perks and two fire rate perks on my Razorblade is amazing (considering this is my favorite weapon by far).

That said though I do feel like our modification choices are slightly limited, though it wouldn't take too much to fix, at least for me. Personally, all I'd really like to see added to this is more options added to fourth slot, specifically the added choice for more fire rate or reload speed, as this would be especially useful when modding shotguns and other "sluggish" feeling weapons, as well as more special and unique sixth slot perks.

Second: "Re-Perk!" The essential resource for doing anything with perks. You need a lot of it, and short of the special limited amount added to the event store, there's not much to be had. I like grinding, I really do. Grindy PvE games like this are some of my favorite to play but the grind for Re-Perk as it stands is a little to much, even for someone like me who can spend eighteen hours playing a game.

For an example, lets say you're in late Plankerton and you have a mission offering Re-Perk and, since it's an easy and somewhat realistic number for this point in the game, lets say you get twenty-five Re-Perk everytime you complete said mission. Now, since "Rescue the Survivors" is typically the shortest game mode at twenty mimutes, lets use this in our example. So, you have a gun you want to swap a perk on and you currently have no Re-Perk. You decide to grind a RtS mission as it offers Re-Perk abd you gey twenty-five every time you complete it and every game last twenty minutes. Just to get a hundred Re-Perk you'd have to play for an hour and twenty minutes straight (25×4=100, 4x20min=120min) to get the thousand Re-Perk to change just one perk you'd have to play a whopping fourty RtS games and spend almost fourteen hours (25×40=100, 40x20min=800min/60min=13.37 hours) doing so just to change a single perk. Even I don't need to tell you that's just "a little" ridiculous.

Now I realize under normal circumstances we won't need to change many perks at once accross different weapons like we do now. We obviously have a large backlog of legacy weapons that need some TLC, especially us whales, however never the less, more Re-Perk couldn't hurt. There are a few ideas and possible solutions that I and the rest of the community have been repeating in different posts and I'm going to highlight what I think are the best in this post.


Firstly: Increasing Re-Perk payout from missions. I'm not asking for it to be on par woth schematics, but slightly better than event tockets would be ideal. Say around a hundred or so Re-Perk from PL40 Plankerton and go from there as we progress. Doing so would take our almost fourteen hour grind time and lower it to three and a half roughly.

Secondly: Getting Re-Perk when you recycle epic and above quality weapons, as well as getting large portions back from weapons you've already modded. This would allow us to mod different weapons if we get a similar weapon with a better sixth perk as well as making recycling higher rarity weapons mode rewarding. After all, they are rarer.

Thirdly: Resource llamas. Re-Perk aside these woukd still be a very useful item, and they coukd contain everything from schematic and hero xp to pure drops of rain and such to Recombobulator resources.

Third: Outlander class abilities, soecifically TEDDY. Why is it that a small hovering box completely beats our lovable giant hunk of bear-shaped destruction? Escpecially since this is a class ability? Sometjing that's supposed to make our class unique and stand out from other heroes? It's just dis-heartnening everytime I throw down a TEDDY and, even whike using TEDD Shot Jess, am completely outpreformed by some random soldier who decided to throw up his hover turret at the same time and to just watch as jt kills every husk from wherw I am to their spawn and watch as my TEDDY just sits idle and disapears with only a few kills. Please, show all of us Outlabders out there some love and buff TEDDY's damage output and range so he can actually compete.

Fourth: Heros. Why are so many of our special event heroes soldiers? I get they're the "go to" class for beginners. Shoot stuff, do some building and looting, shoit more stuff. But why do almost all of the best heroes and nearly all the mythics have to be a subset of the soldier class? Constructors, Ninjas and Outlanders especially could really use some love (and some exceptional mythics to go along) to make this game kess dominated by soldier mains and to add some variety. You did really well concerning this with the Cyberpunk event (which was my favorite event to date by the way) in this regard, especially with TEDD Shot Jess in my opinion, and I as well as many others would love to see more variety in heroes instead of just the swarm of soldier class heroes we've been getting.

Well anyways, that pretty much wraps up my post. Epic, I really do hope you guys stick with me through all of that and give it some consideration. You guys have been doing fantastic as of late and would really like to see some, if not all, of these changes come around, as a lot of us do feel they're needed and would add to the expeirence and our enjoyment.

Also, as a note to any commenters, please keep your hate-boners contained and refrain from just making comments that are purely for just trashing and throwing hate at the guys at Epic. Do that on your own post on your own time and at least try to be grateful we have a developer that actually listens to us and makes changes based on our input. After all, we could have been stuck with a dev like Activision, or Ubisoft.

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