So I decided to play my first CV pl 70 4 player mission

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - So I decided to play my first CV pl 70 4 player mission

Warning: lengthy / phone grammar

Anndddd it was a complete wreck lol. I figured what the hell I'm pl65 and I build some really good trap tunnels and redirects. So first off im doing my own thing while everyone goes loot ect. ect. no biggie.

I build the base out of brick because of metal corrosion. I start building my tunnels and after 2 or so minutes I have this player tearing up my wooden floor spikes in front of my wall launchers. Me being puzzled I ask him why. Hes response is they are weak. (He proceeds to place his traps there). What really got me, he places fire traps?!? (The husk element is fire smh).

So I started to explain the wood spikes are not for damage they are for snare. He asks what's snare!!! At this point I was about to lose my shit and ask him how in the hell do you even get into these missions buttt that wouldnt make me any better than the next person. So I gave him a quick run down.


Now before I can start the second tunnel, the other player comes in all happy happy joy joy because he's done looting and just starts the mission. Nothings trapped that way. (At that time I knew we didnt have a chance and my traps would be wasted on a failed mission). So before I can get out of my tunnel. Mr fire trap guy slaps like 20 of those bad boys down in that direction. (Facepalm)

Matter of seconds here come the smashers 2s & 3s spawning. We try and fight them off, they charge and smash that entire side. What does the core of engineers do,,,, repairs with wood and metal ?. At this point I wasnt mad anymore just really entertained that this is a pl70 mission and it feels like I'm in stonewood with their building choices. (Not poking at the stw noob players)

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Well all and all we managed to complete the mission (how? who knows I was running around so fast trying to clear mobs off the base lol. I didnt even look up at the timer).

But seriously now I understand these post about twine peaks and players just rushing in to get a taste of those nice rewards and materials.

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