So I got extremely bored, and tired of all my Elemental perk, so I made a questline about how we could see elemental perk being used better. A man can dream

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - So I got extremely bored, and tired of all my Elemental perk, so I made a questline about how we could see elemental perk being used better. A man can dream

Ray- Heya commander, remember when we introduced the Reperk machine, you know the thing that eats old parts and spits out awesome guns? Well Clip has an idea that she thinks will make it Even better. She wants you to collect gauges from old refrigerators? Not sure why but there’s nothing better to do around homebase other than listen to Dennis’ story time.

Clip- GREAT! Look mate, using these gauges I’ve been able to set up a containment unit for Frost-Up, upon further study we should be able to restore it to the stable Re-perk, but I’ll need some stabilizing agents, find these by searching sinks/cabinets.

Clip- Awesome! Now any Frost-Up you have laying around we can bring it back to normal re-perk, trouble is that when we melt the Frost-Up we lose some material, to be precise, for every 100 frost up you bring, we can stabilize 70 re-perk from it.

(Next quest)

Ray- COMMANDER! Lars has been working on something new at his lab, I think you should talk to him.

Lars – Hello? Check one two, is this thing on? Commander can you hear me? I think I may have a solution to safely handle the unstable Fire-Up that Cloaked star has been hoarding, we can’t have any more incidents like what happened on Tuesday…

Anyways, I’ve been working on a new solution, it’s a new synthetic bluglo gel that will put the fire out allowing us to safely handle the Re-perk at the core of the fire. When I was floating up in the clouds I saw an abandoned laboratory that should have what we need there, go explore it when you get a chance.

Lars and the Abandoned Laboratory

Lars – Alright commander, I know it looks spooky, but this is actually where I interned when I was a college student… well now that I remember, it was pretty scary, let’s get what we need and get out of here. Collect bluglo samples that we can use to begin testing

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Lars – Alright commander now that we have enough bluglo let’s make a test batch, add it to the coagulating agent and then run the centrifuge.

Ray- Lookout commander! It seems this lab wasn’t so abandoned after all! All your racket woke a nearby husk swarm, prepare to defend

Lars – alright it looks like we have a successful batch now, I can make this whenever you need to cool the fire-up and it should give you about 70 re-perk for every 100 fire-up you put outside

(Next mission)

Ray – hey commander.. I’ve been seeing all the helpful ways everyone at homebase has been in helping you repurpose reperk and I had an idea, it may not be as inventive as Clips frost containment unit, or as cool as Lars Flubber, but I think I can help you extract re-perk from Amp-up, collect speaker parts for me.

Power Chord – did someone say speakers??

Ray – how did you get on these coms?! CLICK, ok commander I have a secret, the project I’m helping you with is also a present to Penny’s sister, I’m hoping it will make her visit us at home base. Collect those parts and bring them to me ASAP

Ray – INTRODUCIIING the Amp up Amp! Yea… I’m not good with naming stuff, anyways, Commander, any Amp up you bring near this device will be drained of it’s electrical charge and stored in the Amp, and as a bonus it will make your tunes extra funky so Lorelain, whenever you decide to visit feel free to take her for a spin.

Power Chord – MY NAME IS POWER CHORD! But thanks… that sounds awesome mate, cheers.

Ray – alright commander, expect to get 70% of the Amp up back as reperk!

-So after this questline is beat, you then unlock the option when in the transform tab, to convert your elemental perk up into reperk.

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