So much non-cooperativity for a cooperative game.

index - So much non-cooperativity for a cooperative game.

This is not a post complaining about non-cooperativity / afkers / leechers /scammers. Instead I would like to suggest some changes to some of the core design of the game that foster these practices of non-cooperativity. I've seen a lot of suggestions varying from punishing AFK'ers/leechers with bans to a kick-from-party-system and while it rare cases that might be a solution on short term I think what this game needs is more incentives for players to cooperate in matches on a longer term basis.

Status Quo

In the current iteration rewards are tied to completion of the objective and reward progression is tied to bonus completion of objectives. Rewards are provided collectively to players. However investments in the missions are provided on an individual basis. Crafting good traps vs not crafting, using good guns vs using trash guns. This means that there will be players that invest alot compared to other players while they get rewarded on the same scale. And while I detest leechers and many others will too, there are also efficient players that have prepared materials before a mission and want to do the main objective as fast as possible. There are also players that like to be rewarded by their exploration with good loot and do not go straight for the objective. At the moment a lot of times these players are considered selfish, especially if they do not contribute with building after they've gathered materials. These differences in playstyles leads to conflicts among the playerbase. And I think this could be solved 'relatively easy':

Shared looting and proportional rewards

My solution would be two-fold in a way that should rewards different playstyles in a quite simple manner. Make rewards from environmental destruction/looting party wide. Meaning if there is a player that loots metal, make it so that everyone gains some of that metal. If a player loots malachite, everyone gets malachite. Of course some material-gains adjustments could be made to avoid abuse (as in lowering the gain a bit). Also the gain does not have to be equally shared but it certainly could be considered to have an equally shared gain from this. (meaning the person that mines the metal gets more than the others) Extend this to the rewards that you get from the gifts that drop after you completed a mission. Would this solve afk-ing and leeching? No but it would incentivize active contribution.

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Scaling by contribution score

The second part of my suggestion means discentivizing inactivity. Currently inactivity is measured purely by user-input. Instead measure activity by the total sum of contribution a player made. Link this activity to the previous system. Meaning that if someone is not actively participating (meaning no building/no exploration/ no looting/no fighting) not only will this be visible in the scoreboard decrease the share this player will get from the shared rewards I mentioned in previous paragraph, players that underperform heavily will also be rewarded less. Players that provide a lot will also be rewarded more. Of course this means that the scoring sytem needs to be rebalanced a bit maybe even if this means adding score measurements for example for building objectives or general objectives. (Meaning you cannot just spam walls everywhere) There should be a reward ceiling (meaning that if you have about x contribution your rewards won't get better to avoid useless wall spamming)

This implementation would mean:

  • Players can gather and explore while others can build, meaning both players can contribute in a meaningfull fashion.
  • Having a mixed group would actually make sense, outlanders that loot, constructors that construct, soldiers that fight and ninja's that ehhh, well ninja.
  • Discentivize afk-ing and leeching because rewards will diminish and at the same time it incentivizes an active play-style that in one way or another contributes to the main objective.
  • Remove the 'need' for farming in private missions.
  • Severely underleveled players will be incentivized to play on their own level as going higher than their recommended level will mean diminished returns on rewards.
  • No need for active moderation in terms of banning/kicking and punishing players since this will be sorted out by the system.

By no means this should be the final implementation. This is just a schematic for a plan that I think would make this game better and I would like to discuss with others that have suggestions or if you want me to clarify things.

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TL;DR* Make looting/destruction material gain party wide. Tie this to the contribution score.

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