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Here's a bit of a story.

I recently just began the trudge of Twine Peaks – today, in fact – and needed help for the first SSD. I had a friend that did these regularly to help others, so I asked him for help. When they became available, they joined and told me the spots I needed to trap up on. Since there is a dumb amount of enemies, they took the time to invite two other SSD helpers.

When everyone joined in, and was moving about, I decided to start up the Storm Shield. First wave is easy, no damage. Then, we move onto the next wave.

Here's the funny part.

During the entirety of the second wave – about a four or five minute long defence – I notice that nobody is helping out. So, with great agitation for my own progress, I manage to do the second wave by myself, mostly. I had layed out a good trap tunnel beforehand, so it played a part into my success.


Once the third wave came, I noticed that the chat bar was blinking green, the sign of someone posting a message in the Party tab. I check, and the person I originally asked for help was asking for permission. With annoyance, I did grant them the permissions.

Once the third wave concluded quickly, since it was a kill quota wave, I noticed on the end screen that the bar had been blinking blue. Checking it out, I was shocked to see that the other two guys had spent the past six minutes trying to get my attention, since they were essentially stuck in an open box they fell into. Since I was on the Party Tab, and not the Team Tab, I never knew that those guys were stuck.

Tl;dr: Make sure everything is escapable.

Edit: Why didn't they just jump out? Because, they were playing Soldier class characters, meaning that they did not have access to Mantis Leap.

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