So we get the shitty parts of BR, but not the good parts?

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - So we get the shitty parts of BR, but not the good parts?

Nobody in STW asked for smaller, more restrictive FoV that involves characters taking up half the screen. Or building boxes we can’t see through. Or automatically jumping to max height. Epic doesn’t want to acknowledge or debate these changes, much less list them in the patch notes, likely because they know they don’t belong here – or because they just don’t care.

But if you’re going to shovel shit on us from BR – where are the good things? The things we’ve been asking for?

How about the locker from BR? I know, “in the future.” How about weapon accuracy (including, but not limited to, shotguns) that doesn’t feel like garbage to use? Emotes? I don’t wanna bear “not all character models work” because that sure didn’t stop the FoV changes. Toys like basketballs and golf balls? Rideable shopping carts and ATVs? Maps based off the like eight new biomes they get in one season? …server stability?

Because BR just got Steel Wool Sid and The Cloaked Star, and they get more STW weapons every week. Because they’re a favorite child and don’t have to share with us, but we have to share with them and also get half the Christmas presents.


And the icing on the cake? After STW has been unplayable for two or three weeks now, Epic posts a development blog that has nothing to do with Save the World. Just “Fortnite”. Our own game has become a disclaimer by the devs. Oh, you’re looking for info on the OTHER Fortnite.

I’m done. Not with the other mode, I actually feel like a valued player over there for putting in a TENTH of the effort I put into STW. I’m done because Kyle takes up half the screen and Magyst’s takeaway was “don’t worry, we’re looking into rocket launchers!”

And as a disclaimer, I get that BR pulls all the money and that we’re a lower priority. That’s reality. But that doesn’t mean we have to settle for any of this crap. They’ll keep making STW worse, and if we keep accepting it and praising them the second they throw a llama at us they’ll keep doing it until the player population is so low that they finally just shut us down.

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tl;dr your parents got a dog for your brother and you don’t get to play with it, but you have to replace its water and clean up its poop.

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