Soloing Frostnite has made me a much better player

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Soloing Frostnite has made me a much better player

I was trying to farm caches but I don’t like intentionally losing a match so a week ago I started doing the loop and then trying to see how far I can get solo. I’m PL 103, 98 when I started, and I have Frostnite PL 100. Here are some things I learned, I encourage you to experiment yourself and guarantee your gameplay will improve.

My best time solo is 30:02, I did it twice, once with Striker AC and once with Controller Harper. Jingle Jess and Syd with hammer support and tactical do very well too. I’ve failed too many times to count on the first wave. The hero you are playing changes the strategy you need to use. I’ve made the 45 minute mark in groups three times but I’m only proud of one of those.

It’s been interesting how well I do with Striker AC given the hate he gets on here. His ability to farm mats and get trap tunnels up is unmatched. Then antimaterial charge will clear waves lined up beating on a wall or walking towards you. His phase shift gets him in and out of hot spots lightning fast. In the hands of a focused player he is an incredible outlander. I find I do best with Blitzen base in support for hammer crit and Dyre in tac to regenerate health with blunt melee strikes. This gives really good healing. I use adrenaline rush and hover turrets with him and getting 2×1 trap tunnels up ahead of the wave is the key. His ability to get resources from rocks means I have gas traps for wave two.


I’ve never played Controller Harper before. I read back through the challenge the horde strat posts and decided to try her. Her decoy really is as good as everyone has said. I find that I also like the hammer heroes in support and tac with her. With Harper I find I need adrenaline rush and slow field otherwise the bosses and takers kill me. She also needs trap tunnels up quickly but she needs a hammer ASAP and a crafted ranged weapon for lobbers and sploders urgently too. She struggles with nuts and bolts and bluglo farming. I’m pretty sure I could go 40 minutes if I had someone harvesting bluglo and building lobber shields for me.

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Jingle Jess and others she is a reskin if also do very well. The upgraded teddies are great but the longer reload of AMC puts her at a soloing disadvantage Against Striker AC. The AMC is also a primary weapon and I struggle to pass 22 minutes with her. I’ve tried different support and tac with her and like my ninja llama for ability damage and Carbide for longer Teddy. She’s good at taking out line krampus targets with her teddy and turrets.

I also like Blitzen Base and Heavy Base a lot. Getting floors and ceilings with traps all around the objective is amazing when feel the base goes off. Self healing is also great for soloing. I struggle to keep blueglo and mats to craft gas traps and weapons with them though.

I’m not having similar success with soldiers or ninjas. I admit that I rarely play them but even with repeated practice I’m dying in wave 1 or 2.

I’m interested in trying other ideas and in hearing your experiences. I love this mode and hope it stays. It really takes the trading and may hoarding out of the equation and forces you to up your game play.

Tl;dr Frostnite strategy discussion

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