Solution to low levels in missions and stormchest farming

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Several of you will probably of heard me say things before but never posted as a suggestion.

All you have to do is link all rewards to homebase levels.

  1. Low level solution There is a simple way to prevent low level players in our missions and it’s to link ALL rewards to our homebase power.

Simply as that. If you are in a mission it will reward you with gear / items etc that are linked to your homebase.

So if you are in plank or stonewood and you do a canny mission then the chest you get at the end of the mission scales the rewards to your power level. Nothing else gets earned above that. When you break a car etc it will reward you with the items you would get at your level. So it just becomes harder to grind.

This will take away the need to be there in the first place as it just makes getting your stuff harder and encourages you to play through the story and level up.

  1. Stormchests. This works the same way although I think they should spawn at the end of a successful mission (and scale to the chest level of the mission you earned).

The chest spawns to the players at the objective area so any afk’ers are both encouraged to participate and increase the mission success as well as be there at the objective.

Finally. As above all stormchests are scaled to the homebase level of the players. So if you are a lvl23 in a 4 player 100 Twine mission (like I had yesterday) then your chest will reward you with just stuff you can get in plank / stonewood etc. Nothing more.

To help this: Also, this would work great if you could not level any trap or gun past the homebase area you are in. So the game teaches the players it’s not necessary and also protects us from accidentally over levelling our weapons (we’ve all done it!). That way you only get stuff you need and you are rewarded more for playing, contributing and enjoying the story.

It’s challenging. But it would work.

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