Some Buffs to Existing Non Meta mainly energy Heroes without Breaking the Balance

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Some Buffs to Existing Non Meta mainly energy Heroes without Breaking the Balance

There are many heroes commander perks below the power curve. So much so that they will never be used. Many heroes can be buffed to become a niche based hero. Here are a few I found after looking through the heroes and builds.

Abilities that need to be tweaked to build a niche around:

  • R.O.S.I.E- Need more heroes that buff R.O.S.I.E, and CD is way to long. Should either go on cd when placed, and thus allow us to have multiple. Could increase range drop off of bullets, could greatly increase damage, could give armor while inside R.O.S.I.E, or even make targets vulnerable like old soldier passive (but only do a small percent like 5-10%).
  • Kunai Storm- Getting there with spring hero (added more damage), need a way to cancel hover without have to use a melee weapon to crash down.
  • Kinetic Overload- go back to crit proccing KO. The higher the husks scale the weaker kinetic overload becomes in its current state. It already can't really proc on bosses. Lower damage for regular constructors, Sid was not overpowered and melee is much better now overall. You can make it where only Sid has good damage from KO if needed (make his support perk deal much less damage) by giving his commander perk attack speed and more KO damage.
  • Plasma Pulse- Cooldown even with Riot response Hazard (42% reduction thus 26 seconds) is way to long to use as a area denial. Make it a 20 second cd. Making the cd with Hazard go down to 12 seconds. Even as a 12 second cd, where are much better options in the game for constructors, like making the B.A.S.E. have all the good perks (pretty much only type of constructors I see in high level content).
  • Decoy- Only really needs a team perk that increases its radius to the old range, to make it viable. Right now you have to get into melee range to use it and it only distracts regular husks. After its nerf, before the hero rework, it was balanced when it no longer attracted mist monsters. "AFK" Power B.A.S.E. defense will be way more effect vs husk only simulation modifiers and you will never have 100% uptime when you are solo (you can always disable it for the modifier too).
  • Smoke bomb- Like Plasma pulse, it is not an effect area of denial and also has a very long cd even with cd reduction. I would suggest lowering the cd by ten seconds and allow ninjas to go into shadow stance by passing into it. That will give ninja plenty of utility and another defensive ability/damage area denial hybrid.
  • Lefty and Righty- lower animation time, increase damage, add more heroes that buff the perk.
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Heroes that need Adjusting (energy reduction based heroes):

  • Miss Bunny Penny- The cd is way too long, hope it gets adjusted eventually. As it stands, there is never a reason to take this perk. Even with my reduced concept you should make the support perk reduce the cost by 75.% With the Commander perk you could reduce the cost to 0 and give 5 energy for every husk killed by plasma pulse.
  • Sarah Hotep- Increase the cost reduction to 50% for the support perk and for the commander perk you could make dragon slash cost zero and reduce the cd of dragon slash by one second (to 9 seconds). That way it could compete vs scorch in damage, and with snuggle specialist and hybrid in utility as a commander slot.
  • Plague Doctor Igor- Increase the support perk cost reduction to 75% and for the commander perk you could would reduce its cost to zero and apply a 5% vunerability to targets who are in the smoke. The vulnerability would last till 5 seconds after they leave the smoke.
  • Skirmisher Edge- support perk is balanced. For the commander perk you could decrease the cost of throwing stars to 0 and grant 5% movement speed for 5 second if his stars hit an enemy, stacks up to three times for a max of 15% move speed.
  • Striker A.C.- support perk is balanced. For the commander perk you could decrease the cost to 0 and increase it knockback by 100%.
  • Highland Warrior Wildcat-support perk is balanced especially with cool customer and the four leaf wildcat as commander to generate infinite grenades. For the commander you could would change its cost to 0 and give 33 armor will holding the grenade to throw.
  • Onslaught Headhunter- Increase the support perk to 75%. For the commander, reduce the cost to zero and increase the impact and knockback by 50%.
  • Support Specialist Hawk- support perk could be increase the cost reduction of warcry by 75%. For the commander perk it could be reduce the cost to zero and kills during warcry heal for 3% of your max health.

  • Syd-see rebalance above. If you do not want to change the current system keep it as it is. His perk should then be "increase kinetic overload damage by 100%" (currently 150% on live) and kintetic overload proc's off critical hits for Syd, overall lowering the damage by 33% (or potentially even more) but making it easy to proc for him.

Anti Cuddle Sarah and Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy pretty much make every energy hero obsolete, particularly heroes that have a long cd for their ability. So maybe some of these energy based heroes can be buffed, making them potentially usable as a commanders without shifting the balance.

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