Some Ideas for Epic

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-Pickaxes should do normal damage to player’s own buildings.

-Remove exploding death-bursts from survivor missions.

-Stop spawning patrols when a player is defending survivor.

-Mist monsters and lobbers shouldn’t target survivors.

-Fix ATLAS' spawning near ramps and other obstructive environments.

-Fix survivors not spawning around the map, and from the towers.

-Rid the trading cancer.

-Add power lvl requirements to missions to prevent leechers from joining.

-Add an appropriate report and ban system.

-Reduce Retrieve the Data’s red zone to a single tile.

-STS' need better rewards.

-All mission types should give players the opportunity to obtain lvl 6 chests.

-Collection book rewards need to be improved. (As I stated in an earlier post)

-Recycling a schematic or hero should return 100% of all resources (including xp)


-Fix hitting headshots at further distances not registering the satisfying sound and effect.

-Hoverboards should be able to be equipped fast.

-Players should be allowed to sprint while using melee weapons, or speed up.

-Melee weapons need to be fixed to hit exactly as their attack animation shows.

-Blasters have to stop lasering after a set amount of headshots is taken.

-Add more ways to halt smasher charges.

-Increasing difficulty should also increase mission rewards such as xp and rain, ores, etc.

-Let Lars’ van only have to be 2 tiles high.

-Outlander fragments should gradually increase power of abilities the more you collect through a game. (Not be a one-time use)

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