Some lovely tips to all the players getting STW for the first time!

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I want to be the first to welcome you to the STW community. It is a little different in STW than BR. Instead of trying to be the best, get out of the PVP mindset and switch over to Co-op. The ONLY enemy are the Husks. Fight the good fight, and work together with your team instead of against them.

With that being said, if you are new entirely to STW or an experienced player…here are some of the best tips I can think of at the moment that work for all!

If you have more to add or have questions…feel free to post them. Myself or others will be happy to help if we can!

  • Don't Trade

  • Power Level is better than a Strong Weapon

  • Don't put ANYTHING into your collection book until you know what it is! (Feel free to ask!)

  • Do not upgrade your weapon schematics until you are able to EASILY find the materials needed to craft them.

  • Survivor Squads play a HUGE part of the game! Don't Ignore them!

  • Level up Survivors Evenly!

  • Don't Leech, AFK, Beg, Grief, Farm in Public missions. If you need to farm for materials, do it in a private match.

  • Try to avoid playing Harvesting Outlanders in Public Missions ( Pathfinder, Recon Scout, Striker etc…)

  • If you plan on playing STW strictly to obtain VBucks to use on BR, you will not enjoy your time. It will become a chore to obtain the Vbucks and almost always results in players taking the "Easiest Approach" to obtain them…AFKing / Leeching. (Which is bannable!)

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY If you are unsure, ask!

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