Some major bugs with the new Neon Sniper Rifle

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Hello there!

I have done some testing with the new <
it pierces through enemies. So after a headshot, you hit the ground, which breaks the streak, at least i think this is why i couldnt get the bonus.

  • Player built objects block vision: You know, you are supposed to see trough everything, and it works in like 70% of the time. But there are some building pieces what is not transparent with this weapon. I have tried various scenario, various materials, various form of a piece, but couldnt find a pattern in it. Also, why i think its random because, when i build 2 stairs (exact same) next to each other, i can see trough 1 but not the other one. On the other hand i can shoot trough both of the stairs, but 1 is not transparent.

  • Magazine size: OK, its not a bug, its just a "But why?" moment: When you empty the magazine, there is always 1 bullet left in the magazine. You cant use it, because the weapon uses more than 1 bullet per shot, so i dont see the reason behind this. But it just bugs me, not a real problem.

  • If you guys, or maybe EPIC guys, have experienced this, tell me, is it just my fault, i miss something, or is it a real bug.

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