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As the title says, I feel like some of the modifiers in missions need to be changed as some missions can be straight up brutal if you get an unlucky combination (Exploding Deathbombs + Frenzied Deathburst, etc.). I know that each mission needs a variety of difficulty, but a mission can hugely change because of 1/2 single modifier. There should be a limit to some of these, or a way to counter these in some way. But once a husky husk drops a bomb, all you can do is run and hope your builds will stay intact. There should also be some new modifiers like there doing in Hit the Road. So here are my reworks and ideas.

Exploding Deathbombs: First of all, why do they sometimes drop 2 from a single husky husk( and other types)? Either a bug, or intentional. Also, they can damage builds AND players by a significant amount. I feel like they should explode and either do more damage to builds and less to players, or vice versa. The bombs do way to good against both, since once one drops, all you can do is run and hope your build lives.They need a slight change.

Frenzied Deathburst: This modifier is really only annoying in encampment missions, or whenever there's a huge amount of husks. And unless i'm wrong, when a husk gets it, it's on them permanently, or at least for a long time. The issue comes into play when your fighting a group of husks. Since your constantly killing them, nearby husks will technically have the effect forever until you kill it. And it SUCKS. Combined with Exploding Deathbombs and it's practically living hell. What makes it worst is that I think it affects mist monsters, so blasters, takers, and smashers can kill you in mere seconds if you don't act quick. My rework idea could be to make this affect a percentage chance of occurring. Lets say theirs a 5% that killing any husk will make this modifier occur, and either remove it from affecting mist monsters, or make the effect last like 4 seconds max on them, different from other husks.


Healing Deathburst: There's a trend going on here. Basically any modifier with 'death' in it literally means it. I'll make this one quick. This should not occur after EVERY DARN KILL. This one sucks, especially in any mission thats 108+. Either reduce it's radius to lets say 1 tile and make it heal way less and not like half their health every time. OR like Frenzied Deathburst, make it a chance of occurring, lets say 5% of the time you kill anything.

New ones:

Low Gravity: Practically the same one from Hit the Road.

Supersized: Normal husks have a change of being twice as big, twice as tanky, but twice as slow.

De-Trapper: Husks have a chance to spawn as this, basically they will take 80% less damage to all traps, but take 80% more damage to weapons and abilities. These will have a crossed out trap symbol on top them.

De-Weaponizer: Basically the reverse from the one above. These will have a crossed out gun on top them.

Hope you guys like my suggestions.

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