Some quick tips for Fortnitemares this year

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here with some quick tips and things to know for this years Fortnitemares event having played it last year. Will just do it in point form for easy reading.

  1. The event is worth farming for the legendary survivors. Legendary survivors make up the bulk of your power level (non-match Legendary overtakes matching Epic at level 26 with Mythic leads). When you get one of those spooky survivors from llamas, they come with a random personality so this is literally the best event to fill up your survivor squads. Even if you are already sitting at power level 125, you can still do it to max out your set bonus with the best combinations.

  2. The event quest line is pretty similar to last year. In fact, all the names are the same (although I heard that there has been new quotes added). Either way, this simply means that we can re-use certain guides from last year especially this epic guide by Galinet on the Epic Games forums. The guide is awesome because it goes into detail what kind of stuff to look for for the different quests so you can recognize and knock them out easily.

  3. Despite the event being largely similar, it's been hinted that we may potentially get a boss fight with Vlad. Furthermore, the event quest line is only on its first "set" so there's definitely more to come and look forward to. If you want some other things to look forward to, how about a potential deployable training dummy courtesy of

  4. If you are wondering how long this event is going to last… I don't quite have the answer for that. However, it is likely to last till late/end November given the schedule it ran from last year (26th October to 29th November). With slightly over a month of run time and average 2-3 games to complete each quest, most players should have no problem knocking them out.

  5. The event llama offers a great deal of legendary heroes. In fact, most of them are really good but I will let you figure out which ones are for yourself. I will just leave the sub-class for them here if you are too lazy to hop on the game or doesn't really know what subclasses are

    1. Marine Corpse Ramirez (Support Specialist… Hawk)
    2. Skull Trooper Jonesy (Urban Assault… Headhunter)
    3. Sarah Hotep (Dragon… Scorch)
    4. Shuriken Master Llamurai (Well you can't possibly get this wrong)
    5. Ranger Beetlejess (and this too but just in case, Ranger… Deadeye)
    6. Hazard the 13th (Controller… Harper, that Horde Bash legend)
    7. Castructor Penny (Hotfixer… Hazard)
  6. Here's the event questline from last year for reference. Do note that I have omitted the rewards because I believe some of them have changed but I will update this post if they are exactly the same or something.

  7. Founder packs are back in the store at 50% off with the exception of the Ultimate Pack (still full price of $100 to upgrade from Limited to Ultimate). If you ask me how I feel towards them, the Deluxe Edition probably has the greatest value solely due to the Founder's Revolt even though I've personally purchased up to Limited (a long time ago at full price but that's because I love this game). For every other pack, gauge it's value by the amount of inventory space you get and whether you feel that you need it. Don't bother too much about the legendary heroes/weapons because most players don't end up using them anyway at end game.

Before we end the post, special shoutout to u/mbit90 for keeping the expeditions tab on my spreadsheet up to date. If you haven't seen it yet, you should totally check it out since the guy is a legend for keeping that much data in a presentable, compact format (here's a sneak peak). He has also recently updated the "upgrade and recycling calculator" so you can find out exactly how much experience and materials you would need to take a survivor/defender/hero from level X to X (i.e Survivor from 1 to 50)

So there's that and for those curious about the weapons and perks, I'm kind of waiting for the new hero to hit the store and do like a single post on everything altogether if she's interesting enough. Last but not least, fun fact! Sarah Hotep is my favourite hero to this day.


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