Some stuff i’d like to see for STW (Effort post)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Some stuff i'd like to see for STW (Effort post)

Before you read, keep that (LeT tHeM pLaY tHe WaY tHeY wAnT) logic and that (ThEy DoNt CaRe) out of the discussion to yourself.

Since the last update. Epic added bulk upgrades, bulk llama opening, fixed supercharger glitch and fixed damage glitch. They are about to get back on track again. So i'd like to see some suggestions me and
rayblu reddit - Some stuff i'd like to see for STW (Effort post)

u/rayblu_reddit have discussed through. Here are our suggestions and why these changes:

Power level requirements

Enforce power level requirements to private matches too:

This is where all the whole carrying stuff begins. Enforcing the requirements to include private match should end it.

Make power level requirements for evolution

Example: If you didn't unlock 2-star evolution, you can't craft, drop, pick up or recycle 2-star items and higher. This will stop scammers from getting their hands on higher tier items. And the only way to get rid of it is to destroy it.

Putting a stop to scammers

Suggestion A: Add venture's no dropping system


Suggestion B: Remove dropping (with the exception of some items like coconuts, cannonball grenades, peglegs, etc/some events like Dungeons, Frostnite, Hit The Road, etc). Then make a place the map where you can store your items in it for others and there should be four of them scattered in the map with unlimited uses per player in a match and one of them should be near the objective. And once the player puts something he cannot get it back and only the person who got the stashed items can get it. To prevent any accidental placings, make a confirmation button for it. You can store your items for a specific user or multiple users. For example :

  • Player A has stashed stuff for player B. Player C and player D cannot pick them up

  • Player A has stashed stuff for player B and player C, Player D cannot pick them up.

Ray will tell you this: "Looks like someone has stored you something. Check it out!" and it will highlight the stash on the map with blue flashing icon.

This will end the scammers and those websites that broke the terms of service for selling items that are not epic's property.

A tutorial system

So you guys were asking: why we don't have a party royale in save the world? Then I got just the solution for you!

Introducing Major's Boot Camp island!

In this island, You can test and play with your hero and weapon loadouts! Unleash your creativity!

There also are many tutorials available for you and you will unlock more tutorials when you reach new areas (for example reaching plankerton unlockes "how to deal with elemental husks" and "how to perk your weapons properly". examples of tutorial:

Stonewood tutorials:

  • How to build trap tunnels

  • How to deal with each husk variant (dealing with lobbers, dealing with smashers, etc)

  • How to sort your survivors properly

  • How to build the objective properly (Building pyramids in Fight The Storm mission by showing some hologram grids like Retrieve the data. Using 90s is waste of resources and useless against husks)

  • How to play each hero class properly (How to play as a constructor, soldier, etc)

  • How to prepare for endurance.

Plankerton tutorials:

  • How to deal with elemental husks (Fire elemental weapons counters Nature husks, Water elemental weapons counters Fire husks, Nature elemental counters Water, Fire elemental weapons OR Water elemental weapons counters Chrome husks)

  • How to play heroes properly (Playing shrapnel headhunter in a shotgun hero loadout)

  • How to downcraft your schematics (crafting tier 1 items even if you unlocked tier 2 items)

  • How to farm your own resources and manage them properly

  • How to properly perk your schematics

  • How to farm evolution materials and reperk (searching for x4 rewards)

Canny valley/Twine peaks tutorials:

  • Which evolution road to take (Shadowshard or Obsidian)

Completing tutorials grants great rewards like weapon research voucher, hero recruitment voucher, re-perk, Evolution materials. And each completed tutorial grants one time 1K gold, you can repeat it but you wont get any rewards. Completing Soldier and Constructor class tutorial grants 1500 gold for how important these two in mid to high end of the game. Completing region tutorials grants "Tutorial" llamas. Tutorial llamas grant 1 random event weapon or hero with dupe protection on alongside with evolution materials and perk-up. The higher the region area the more rewards you get (Completing plankerton's tutorials grants two tutorial llamas and Reperk+uncommon perkup+rare perk-up. Completing canny valley's tutorials grants three tutorial llamas and reperk+Epic perk-up, you get the idea.) Completing all tutorials will grant 5K gold, Troll Stash Tutorial llama that grants 5 event items with a choosing phase, A mythic lead survivor, evolution materials, re-perk and perk up.

Advanced tutorial quest: Complete all of endurance missions. And it doubles the rewards for completing it with a team.

Staged quest: (stage 1) completing 6 tutorials grants a weapon research voucher. (Stage 2) completing region tutorials rewards a hero recruitment voucher. Completing all the tutorials grants two core reperk.

Terrain building

I don't think i need more explanation for this. Since Tropical biome has arrived. Sometimes the objective or part of the objective goes under the terrain. Making it impossible to build. So adding this QoL change would solve it.

Harvesting tool perks

Instead of relaying on a hammer that takes a weapon slot. How about perking our harvesting tool?

Example can be found here

Survivor rework

We all know the only working survivor bonuses are trap based ones. Lets take
u/DoctorVinderman's passive buffs idea that can be found here

Mandatory trapping in 4 player missions and/or Storm Shields

Make players deploy at least 6 traps in a tunnel or else they don't get the mission alert reward. If the traps are close to spawns by 5-6 tiles or ON the spawns depending on the distance. The player doesn't get the mission alert rewards. This will prevent trap spammers and encourage more team work in 4-player missions.

NOTE: The only exception is playing in a private match solo or with friends.

Mission reworks

Make timed missions like Build The Radar, Rescue the survivors, and refuel the homebase to automatically end once you've built all the radars, rescued all the survivors, and obtained 16 fuel tanks. There is no reason to wait for more extra minutes.

Rework resupply, add special modifiers like "The green hand" which adds Anti materiel charge heavy attack efficiency by 100% and it stacks. Remove the storm and increase farming rate by extra 0.5, that will make it a total 1.5x the farming rate.

Husks QoL changes and nerfs

Lobbers are still spawning way too often. I'd suggest tweaking their spawns for a bit.

Mimics are almost non-existent since Love Storm. How about making it guaranteed 1 mimic in every mission and it automatically mark it on the map when you spot it just like storm chest?

It's time to rework Riot Husky. His shield should be breakable and it has 75% of the riot husky's shield.

Returning some of the scrapped hero perks

I'd really like to return some of the scrapped hero perks like soldier's single vulnerability stack that increases damage from ranged weapons from any source by 10% or Constructor's 10% reduced building/repair cost and 10% repair speed.

BTW, Get ready for a whole new class idea me and
rayblu reddit - Some stuff i'd like to see for STW (Effort post)u/rayblu_reddit have working on it


Special thanks to u/rayblu_reddit for helping me out with the ideas

Special thanks to
u/DoctorVinderman for the survivor rework idea

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