Some stuff i’d like to see.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Some stuff i'd like to see.

I know it's not suggestion Saturday. But i don't care.

Suggestion A

Remove dropping (with the exception of some items like coconuts, cannonball grenades, peglegs, etc/some events like Dungeons, Frostnite, Hit The Road, etc). Then make a place the map where you can drop your items in it and only ONE place with unlimited uses per player in a match and it should be near the objective. And once the player puts something he cannot get it back and only the person who got the stashed items can get it. To prevent any accidental placings, make a confirmation for it. You can store your items for a specific user or multiple users. For example :

  • Player A has stashed stuff for player B. Player C and player D cannot pick them up

  • Player A has stashed stuff for player B and player C, Player D cannot pick them up.

It will send a notification : "The Cloaked star has stashed you something, figure it out yourself"

This will end the whole trading/scamming epidemic once and for all.

Suggestion B

Limit the traps per player in a match (except storm shields). And increase the limit the less the players. For example :

  • If there is one single player. Let him place as much traps as he likes
  • If there are duo players in a match, each receive a total of 47 trap deployments
  • If there are trio players in a match, each receive a total of 22 trap deployments
  • If there are quad players in a match, each will receive a total of 12 trap deployments

But before this happens. there will be a 5 minutes timer to decide what will the trap deployments system will decide. Once the timer ends, any of the events above will be chosen depending on how much players joined in the match. If there is someone joined a late game after the 5 minutes. He gets no trap placements.

This will end trap spammers and make teamwork more required.

Suggestion C

I'd like to change the farming rates in missions. Keep the non-objective defense missions unchanged. As for objective defense missions. Increase farming rate to 1.5x the mount if the privacy settings are set to private. decrease farming rate to 0.5x the mount if it's public


Farming might be a good way to get more mats easily. But doing it in public will cause a lot of trouble from public players. Especially the constructors who have Recycler team perk.

Suggestion D

Lock the Storm Shield Defense and Launch The Rocket to the questline. It should be like this :

  • To unlock Homebase Storm Shield Defense 2. You need to complete the previous quests to unlock it
  • To unlock Launch The Rocket you need to complete all the previous quests for the specific area in order to unlock it

This will prevent mythic storm king carries and there will be less storm shield rushers in the game

Fun fact: This was in game when the skill tree existed. They removed it for unknown reason

Suggestion E

Scale the rewards properly in missions. An example of it:

  • A power level 82 mission gives the 1.5x the rewards from a power level 76 the mission. Let's say this mission is a x4 pure drop of rain that gives 100 pure drop of rain. The power level 82 one should give 150 pure drop of rain if it's x4 pure drop of rain. Unless it's a hard to defend missions like Ride the lighting, cat 4/3 storm missions, and shelter missions.

This will fix the reward scaling. And maybe fayescarlet will add more salt for his daily salt /s

Suggestion F

Communication, Communication and communication. giving patch notes before maintenance ends might be bad. But keeping us in the dark is worse. So please, give us patch notes again


Let me know what you think of the suggestions. I am open to criticism

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