Something New for r/FortniteBR…

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Something New for r/FortniteBR...

UPDATE 6/20/2019

TLDR: There is a new Special Membership subscription in the subreddit. Check out
FortNiteBR - Something New for r/FortniteBR...

this page for more details and to sign up.

Special Memberships

Now you can get a Special Membership in r/FortniteBR to improve your experience on the subreddit. This comes with features that help you stand out, express yourself in different ways, and connect with other people who really care about the community. I’ve spoken to hundreds of people from the subreddit to develop these ideas, and we’re very excited about them.

Starting today, people with the Special Membership have two types of badges next to their username and also the ability to add animated emojis to their comments. Over time, we will be adding even more features, like GIFs in comments, Achievement Badges, and a Members Lounge.



The first badge is the Loyalty badge. It changes over time, so people see how long you’ve been a Special Member (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc).

The second one is a Style badge, which gives your username a matching color, and it is based on popular things from the subreddit. We will be releasing 8 new Style badges every month, which Special Members add to their ever-growing collection.

Emojis & Reactions

sc2edtqstd531 - Something New for r/FortniteBR...

How to add emojis

dn67y4rutd531 - Something New for r/FortniteBR...

Comment only with emojis to make them bigger

As a Special Member, you can also add emojis to your comments. Like badges, these are custom to the subreddit, and several of them are also animated. Emojis are currently only on the web, but will be coming to mobile shortly.

There are other features for the Special Membership that we will be adding soon. For example, the ability to add GIFs within comments. And also a Members Lounge, a place where Special Members can hang out with each other.

The Special Membership is a paid subscription feature, and the fees help support the development of these new features. This is something we're doing for
FortniteBR - Something New for r/FortniteBR...

r/FortniteBR, and our small team of developers is very excited to be working on it!

Click here for more details and to sign up.

Coming Soon

* More pronounced badges on iOS

* Badge management on iOS

* Emojis on mobile apps

* GIFs in comments

* Achievement Badges

UPDATE 4/15/2019:

Hi r/FortniteBR,

I’m an admin & Reddit dev. I work on a team here at Reddit that is building special features for r/FortniteBR. There’s something I’ve been working on that I wanted to share.

One thing people have been telling us is that they want a way to add a personality to their presence on the subreddit. Something like a skin, but for Reddit.

We started thinking about this, and we came up with an idea: Badges.

When you have a badge, it will be displayed before your username, and your username will be distinguished with a matching color.

This is what badges look like on web

t5qeb2cuqgs21 - Something New for r/FortniteBR...

And this is what they look like on mobile

Notice the badge comes before the username, so you can still have flair on the other side.

The badges are custom designed just for this subreddit, with images, memes, and jokes that have become popular here.

vpg1vij8rgs21 - Something New for r/FortniteBR...

Some potential badges

Some of the badges may be limited edition, so they will only be available to the first few people who get them. In the future, we also want to get more ideas from the community for new badges that we can keep making.

If you are interested in badges and willing to give feedback, I’d really like to talk to you. Add me on Discord at jarins#4775, or send /u/jarins a PM.

EDIT: To clarify, we are planning to release badges in about a month as a premium feature. People who are willing to give me feedback get an opportunity to participate in a limited pre-sale. Ping me if you are interested or have feedback!

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