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Hi everyone, this is an almost comprehensive guide on how to play raider effectively.

Introduction: The raider is a shotgun specialist and is thus doomed to get really close to enemies. On the bright side though, this subclass does more than enough damage to compensate. Technically, with high crit weapons the raider can easily outdamage a UAH, but since this is dependent on RNG and not the base hero, I'm not going to argue that the raider is better than the completely balanced master-I mean jack of all trades.

Support Slot: The hands down best support slot for raider is another raider (gives you +20% crit chance with shotguns). Unlike the ranger who has an innate 20% crit chance, the raider only has crit damage, so you need another raider to take advantage of this. If you only have one raider, a support specialist (for the reload speed) can also be a mediocre support slot.

Tactical Slot: This slot is more flexible. If you are lucky enough to have a mythic swordmaster, I find his +35% movespeed after shockwave to be pretty awesome. If you do not, the berserker's "hold still" shockwave perk gives you more impact and stuns enemies (which is really useful against blasters and smashers if you reach the impact guard). Shock specialists' damage resistance after shockwave is also good since you will be getting hit sometimes. If you get hit by everything this is actually the best option. You could opt to get grenade buffs but I find shockwave to be a much more useful skill on the raider.

Weapons: Everyone has their preferences when it comes to shotguns, but no matter what shotty you like using, you want to have as much crit damage/ crit chance as possible. When rerolls come out, they will probably nerf crit chance but even then crit + crit dmg will be the ideal rolls for raider. Raider needs crit, there is no other way.

In general though, if you need something to die in one shot: The bear wins with flying colors.

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If you need to melt a smasher or miniboss: The Stampede is your best option.

If you need to hit something far away: Longarm enforcer

If EVERYTHING needs to die: Thunderbolt

I also recommend having a melee weapon since you will the one expected to deal with flingers. You are the close range specialist after all.


I love to reload! This perk gives you a boost of movespeed after reloading. On paper, it looks pretty worthless. To make matters worse, unlike other soldiers, raiders have no innate reload speed.


When you are reloading, you move more slowly. This is extremely dangerous because you are often really close to enemy husks, so you don't want to be slowed down, which means you want to spend as little time reloading as possible.

This is why shell-fed shotguns are superior to auto shotties. The ability to reload one shell at a time makes your effective reload speed less than a second. Even if you do end up depleting all your shells, it will take no time at all to get that shell back so you can kill something else. If you constantly find yourself reloading all 8 shells of your stampede while a hoard of husks are chasing you, you're doing it wrong.

Just follow this simple formula: Shoot, reload, shoot, reload etc. For slow-firing weapons like the bear, the time it takes to reload one shell is actually less than the time it takes you to fire another shot. In essence, you'll be putting out more dps by reloading after every shot (not to mention you'll always be running at the speed of sound).

This mechanic is what makes raiders so fun to play. Here are some common scenarios:

(1) Targeted by a blaster? shoot a random husk, reload for less than a second and then zoom towards that blaster at mach 10.

(2) Need to kill a smasher? shoot it, reload, kite away before it hits you, shoot again etc. If you are playing raider correctly, you'll be greeting smashers as soon as they appear, so there's no need to kill them the second they spawn. Take your time, kill them in two seconds. It's also not worth taking damage or being slowed (water husks) just to kill a smasher that is a mile away from your objective. If a smasher somehow snuck past you (which happens a lot given their stealthy nature) it would be okay to unload your whole mag to kill them. After all, it only takes one second to get the shoot, reload cycle fired up again.

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(3) Is a taker diving at you? Shoot a husk, reload, and watch the hope fade from its lifeless eyes as you surpass the speed of light.

(4) Getting chased by a pack of anklebiters while you are exploring? Shoot one of them, reload, and watch those red dots disappear from your minimap as you transcend time and space.

Oh and few people know this, but there's actually a sonic the hedgehog simulator built into Fortnite STW, only accessible by raider players. To experience it, you need to activate the move speed pylon.

tl:dr Raiders are shotgun-based speed demons that can outrun people on their hoverboards.

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