Son got guns stolen on game, need help understanding?

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My son plays fortnite and said someone “stole all his stuff”. Not sure what this means? I was never a gamer as kid and he seams pretty bummed out, reminding me of how bummed out I was when friends couldn’t come out to play. He spent his birthday money from 6/18/18 after I told him he should save it. He’s the best son I could have asked for, does awesome in school and I’m just trying to relate with him, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE I really want to THANK everyone that took the time to reply/comment. Everyone’s advice was greatly appreciated. I don’t think anyone truly understands how much I appreciate this advice since I don’t have any “gaming” knowledge whatsoever. My mom could never afford that stuff when I was growing up so I always outside even if it was to play by myself my mother would say. Even if it was to say “let him learn his lesson”, which I totally understand about learning from your mistakes being in the plumbing field for 18+ years, but he just turned 10 and I know he learned his lesson by just his response when I asked him “well why can’t you do that to someone else”, he literally gave me a death stare and said “because that’s mean”! Now I’ll be able to sound like I know what I’m talking about and with all this information this game sounds very interesting, kinda wanna try it out for myself. I have a brand new ps4 sitting in the closet I won in poker tournament

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