[Speculation] Weapon Perks in 4.2 (Perk Values)

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Per the item perk recombobulator post and the screenshots provided (in addition to known values (live game) we can make an educated guess as to the new perk values.


In the live game, grey = 1.0, blue = 1.5, orange = 2.0 (effectively level 1, level 2, level 3). Using the same trends it would make sense that level 4 = 2.5 and level 5 = 3.0

  • We can 'confirm' this if you look at the level 5 %damage to conditional perk (45% damage to slowed and snared targets).
  • In the 'live' game, a conditional perk is simply 1.5 times the value of a non-conditional perk.
  • 10% damage = 15% damage to conditional.
  • 15 * 3.0 = 45


  • We can confirm the level 4 version of the %damage to conditional is 37.5 (15 * 2.5 = 37.5)

Critical damage (in the live game) is simply the value of %damage * 4.5 for the respective slot

  • 20% damage = 90% crit damage (20 * 4.5 = 90)
  • Crit dmg to afflicted = 20 * 4.5 * 1.5 = 135


The only 'stat' the is questionable (from the reveal screenshots) is the 15% critical rating (level 2).

  • This is probably the 'new' critical hit chance perk
  • It has been nerfed further than the intended 3.2 patch nerfs (21% → 16.5% for a level 2/blue perk).


It would make sense that they nerfed critical hit chance even further (21% → 16.5% → 15%) for the following reasons

  • The patch 3.2 change values 'broke' the trend established with the other perks (where the orange perk was 2.0 times the grey perk)
  • Patch 3.2: Critical Chance decreased from 14% / 21% / 28% to 11.5%/16.5%/21%.
  • 11.5 * 1.5 is not 16.5, 11.5 * 2 **is not 21


Given that even with the 3.2 critical hit chance values 'crit builds' were still pretty much best in slot for everything it'd make sense for them to nerf critical hit chance further.


Speculated Perk Values

Future (4.2)GreyGreenBluePurpleOrange
% damage10.0015.0020.0025.0030.00
% damage to conditional15.0022.5030.0037.5045.00
% crit damage45.0067.5090.00112.50135.00
%crit damage to afflicted67.50101.25135.00168.75202.50
%weapon stability20.0030.0040.0050.0060.00
%fire rate14.0021.0028.0035.0042.00
%reload speed25.0037.5050.0062.5075.00
%durability decay14.0021.0028.0035.0042.00
%magazine size25.0037.5050.0062.5075.00
critical rating (crit chance?)10.0015.0020.0025.0030.00
Element: Physical and %damageN/AN/A32.0048.0064.00
Element: Energy and %damageN/AN/A10.0015.0020.00
Element: Fire and %damageN/AN/A10.0015.0020.00
Element: Nature and %damageN/AN/A10.0015.0020.00
Element: Water and %damageN/AN/A10.0015.0020.00


Note: 37.5 would obviously 'round up' to 38% (per the text on the perks) but we all know that Epic rarely give us the exact values. Even looking at the live game ui values shows you 'damage' to 1 decimal place, 'headshot' to 2 decimal places.

Disclaimer: All speculation is speculation, no matter how educated, but since we know the rules in the live game and we've seen the preview ui mock ups that confirm the 'live game' trends still carry forward it would be insanely weird if anything deviated from the above values.

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