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Looks like we're getting another hero from BR – this time the mythic soldier Carbide. I'm missing a couple of new traits, but he seems currently like a mix between Raven and Commando Spitfire and Shock Trooper. Note all abilities may change.



Lefty and Righty: Equips two pistols that fire 6 times per second, dealing 57 base physical damage per shot, for 10 seconds.

Debilitating Shots: Dealing ranged damage applies one stack of Vulnerability, increasing damage taken from all sources by 5% on the target for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Lingering Pain: The Vulnerability effect from Debilitating Shots can now stack up to 5 times. Dual Debilitation: Lefty and Righty now applies Debilitating Shots.

Shockwave: The Soldier emits a shockwave, knocking back enemies within 1 tile range and dealing a base of 75 energy damage.


Power Impact: Increases the radius of Shockwave by 38%.

Corrosive Clips: ???

Doppler Effect: Reduces cooldown of Shockwave to 15 seconds.

Frag Grenade: The Soldier throws a frag grenade detonating after a few seconds, dealing a base of 101 energy damage in a 0.5 tile radius.

Zip and Zap: ???

Keep Out: Frag Grenade explosions leave a residual energy field, doing 15% of the initial grenade blast damage every 1 second, over 10 seconds.

Squad Bonuses

Tactical: Grizzled Veteran: Increases the duration of T.E.D.D.Y by 5 seconds.

Support: Quick Clip: Increases reload speed by 30%.

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