Sran’s Guide to Special Forces Banshee, the Assault Rifle specialist.

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I. Introduction: My Hero Tier System

Hi r/fortnite, Sran here with another hero guide.

I am a Twine player, and I enjoy Save the World a lot and find its hero diversity to be the best thing about the game. I write guides that are simple to understand and do not contain any info dump, hence making them new player friendly.

Today I'll be writing about Special Forces, the Assault Rifle specialist and a great soldier for higher PL or 4 player missions. This guide was suggested by /u/Superdylan870

Previous Guides:

1.Master Grenadier Ramirez



I have also posted a few Hero concepts and one mission concept.

My Tier System

I don't entirely believe in the tier systems as strictly as many people do.

For example, some people may believe in 5-8 tiers of heroes, while I believe in only three, and I classify them in my own way:

  • Tier A- Makes the game easy

  • Tier B- May make you work a bit

  • Tier C- Needs work to contribute to the mission

Just because a hero is Tier A doesn't mean it's better than a Tier C hero. I believe that ALL heroes are viable, and my tier system only classifies a hero according to how much work it needs to be to properly contribute to the mission. You might be thinking "has to do more work = less viable", right? Wrong. If the player enjoys doing that work, it's totally viable for them. For example, Special Forces Banshee is Tier A, but sometimes I get bored with doing less work and simply pressing left click or the War Cry hotkey during the whole mission. I would prefer something like Carbide that has to move around all the time and be creative with abilities. Whereas sometimes, I don't want to move around, I just want to use a variety of my favorite ARs, so I stick with something like Special Forces.

II. An Overview of Special Forces

Simply put, Special Forces Banshee is one of the easiest ways to do damage without compensating ammo. I always prefer soldiers that specialize in abilities or weapons over soldiers that specialize on shooting faster.

Tier-A for sure, I use her as an example in Section I of every post.

Class: Soldier

Speciality: Assault Rifles, War Cry

In-game description:

An assault rifle specialist who bolsters their skills with War Cry.

Available in: Regular llamas/transforms, not an event exclusive hero, always available in Rare, Epic and Legendary rarities. Very easy to obtain.

Legendary Flux Priority: Medium to low. Won't really matter much if you keep it at Epic, since it isn't ability based.

Perk List: You can read all of Special Forces' perks here.

Aesthetics: I absolutely love her Legendary outfit. For me she's one of the top 3 best looking characters in game at Legendary but with her hat removed.

III. Key Features: Pros and Cons

1)Pure damage perks instead of focus on fire rate

2)Amazing assault rifle buffs: +Damage, +Recoil Reduction, +Reload Speed, +Ammo Capacity

3)War Cry for taking those buffs to do crazy damage: +Duration, -Cooldown, +Damage done when War Cry is active

4)Ridiculously strong for single target damage, but compensates by having a bad area control

5)Frag Grenade needs to be buffed through Squad Bonus

6)War Cry + Going Commando is a great combo, but otherwise Going Commando feels like a wasted ability as your ARs will out-damage it. If you want to use this combo better, go for Sergeant Jonesy that specializes in them.


IV. Special Forces vs Centurion vs Rescue Trooper Ramirez

Let's clear this quickly, I mentioned Rescue Trooper as it gets Assault Rifle perks too, but gets survivalist perks instead of War Cry and is an all-rounder instead. Not as good for single target.

Centurion goes the War Cry route too, but gets Shockwave instead of Going Commando, which is a favorable upgrade.

However, SFB goes towards a "I'll do more damage and my team can do some" while Centurion goes "We'll all do some damage, but more than the some SFB talked about". This comes from Centurion's full debilitating shots instead of AR perks. Shockwave further adds vulnerability.

One important perk Centurion misses out on is the +5 seconds of uptime on War Cry, which is surely more important than Centurion's Move 25% faster and gain energy 10% quicker, for the duration of War Cry.

Centurion however has the overall better ability kit, but its perk list requires team play.

Special Forces will always do well, but it will do even better with a team to take advantage of War Cry.

V. Assault Rifle Loadout

When using a soldier that specializes in weapons, I have a certain pattern that I follow. You will also see it in the Raider guide that I will be posting today as well.

I keep the right elemental gun on Spot #1. I will use Hydra/Razorblade/Seigebreaker in this spot. Avoid Silenced Specter here due to its range. Remember, SFB has poor AOE and has no survivability perks, so shouldn't get close enough for a Specter to work.

On spot #2, I keep a Physical rolled Deathstalker/Tiger AR. The reason is, both these guns are scoped and have great range. I use them for targeting Blasters and Lobbers, neither of which are elemental AND don't come too close. PS: Tiger is also my favorite AR.

On spot #3, you can use whatever you want. I generally go for Neon Launcher for when things go too crazy. Some people like to use a semi-automatic AR here if you used an automatic in spot #1.

VI. Your role in the team

In general, you want Special Forces to not go too close to crowds. That doesn't mean you hide on top of the fort and shoot. You can build a 3-piece ramp near the battle, it's good for taking cover from blasters, and high ground means better headshots.

Don't be too conservative with War Cry. With practise, you will know when to use it.

Go for mist monsters and lobbers over the smaller husks. Traps and ability focused teammates will take care of them. Smashers and Takers are number one, SFB is so good at melting them down. I have this image in my head of a taker charging at me with full speed, and me demolishing them with an AR spray to the face before it can even touch me. She's that good at taking them down.

VI.Squad Bonuses/Gadgets

  • Support Slot

Wukong or Master Grenadier for +24% AR damage. You want to melt those mist monsters, right?

  • Tactical Slot

I definitely recommend buffing Grenades with this. Use another SFB in Tactical for stun grenades, very useful for containing crowds, or Plasma Specialist/Double Agent if you don't have the second SFB.

VI. Endnote

Special Forces Banshee is Tier A, because of how less work she has to do to bring husks down. It can get a little boring so I avoid using an AR soldier for too long, but she is one of my top choices for high PL missions.

In public matches, try to balance the team out. SFB doesn't do well in AOE, so make sure someone on the team is there to take care of that.

I highly recommend trying her out, she is an absolute beast and fits very well in most teams. A great pick for anyone who uses Assault Rifles a lot, and very easy to obtain as well.

Thank you for reading!

Have a good day 🙂

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