Sran’s Guide to the Raider Class, Shotgun Setups, and Close Quarters Playstyle.

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - Sran's Guide to the Raider Class, Shotgun Setups, and Close Quarters Playstyle.

I. Introduction: My Hero Tier System

Hi r/fortnite, Sran here with another hero guide.

I am a Twine player, and I enjoy Save the World a lot and find its hero diversity to be the best thing about the game. I write guides that are simple to understand and do not contain any info dump, hence making them new player friendly.

Today I'll be writing about the shotgun specialist Raider, my favorite hero in the game. This guide was suggested by /u/ReaLifePig

Previous Guides:

1.Master Grenadier Ramirez



4.Special Forces Banshee

I have also posted a few Hero concepts and one mission concept.

My Tier System

I don't entirely believe in the tier systems as strictly as many people do.

For example, some people may believe in 5-8 tiers of heroes, while I believe in only three, and I classify them in my own way:

  • Tier A- Makes the game easy

  • Tier B- May make you work a bit

  • Tier C- Needs work to contribute to the mission

Just because a hero is Tier A doesn't mean it's better than a Tier C hero. I believe that ALL heroes are viable, and my tier system only classifies a hero according to how much work it needs to be to properly contribute to the mission. You might be thinking "has to do more work = less viable", right? Wrong. If the player enjoys doing that work, it's totally viable for them. For example, Special Forces Banshee is Tier A, but sometimes I get bored with doing less work and simply pressing left click or the War Cry hotkey during the whole mission. I would prefer something like Carbide that has to move around all the time and be creative with abilities. Whereas sometimes, I don't want to move around, I just want to use a variety of my favorite ARs, so I stick with something like Special Forces.

II. An Overview of Raider

There are two soldiers in this game, where reading the perks and abilities I knew I was going to love the hero. Everything in the list fit in like a puzzle, and felt very well thought out. Out of soldiers: one is Raider, and the other is Centurion (UAH misses by a close mark because I feel like Going Commando is wasted on it.)

Raider, the shotgun specialist soldier, is my favorite class in the game. The greatness of this hero comes from how good its perk list is, and how much fun shotguns are.

Despite being a close quarters combat class, Raider doesn't have to do a lot of work to get damage. I enjoy using it like nothing else, and piling damage very easily with a playstyle that no other soldier follows.

Here is an overview of Raider:

Class: Soldier

Speciality: Shotguns, and Difficulty of obtaining the hero

In-game description:

A close quarters battle expert, with a focus on shotgun perks.

Available in: Very hard to obtain, and moreover you need two of them. Has been in Events twice in the last year (Raider Headhunter and Rabbit Raider Jonesy). Always available as a reward at Collection Book Level 100 (Raider Nomad).

Legendary Flux Priority: Both Rabbit Raider Jonesy and Raider Nomad are only available in Legendary rarity. I'm not sure about Raider Headhunter, but since she was a past event hero, she isn't obtainable any more.

Perk List: You can read all of Raider's perks here.

Aesthetics: Sticking to the available one: Raider Nomad from the Collection Book, he has a unique costume and in Battle Royale has been one of the most sought out legendary skins. Specialty is his yellow mask.

III. Key Features: Pros and Cons

1.Very unique, rare and hard to obtain, only soldier that specializes in shotguns.

2.MELTS mist monsters like nothing else. If I had to take a challenge of taking down a Blaster in the quickest possible way, I would use my Raider and Roomsweeper. Takes about 3-4 seconds with a Room Sweeper, or 2 seconds with War Cry + Room Sweeper.

3.Shotguns have more variety than Assault Rifles, and are extremely, extremely satisfying to get kills with.

4.A perfect perk/ability kit, no perks wasted, all abilities are useful. Overall a very solid package and insanely fun to use if you like shotguns.

5.I'm not being biased, but the only con I can think of is having to move around. But when using this class, you shouldn't expect to stand in one place and spam left click like most other soldiers. So this isn't really a con, but there can be situations where the enemy can be killed by an AR from behind you before you can get to it. But if you do get to it, you will surely kill it faster.

6.Top contender for best DPS in game, and has Shockwave and Grenades for AOE.

7.War Cry for team boost and moments of ridiculously fast husk carnage.

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IV. Perk Breakdown for the Raider Kit

I've never written this section in any of my previous guides, but Raider calls for it. It's not just a "let's slap some shotgun crit rating and crit damage and release it" hero. It's very well thought out and caters perfectly to its playstyle.

  • Perk List

Evolution 1: Advanced Tactics: Ranged weapon damage increased by 10%. Health increased by 10%.

Basic soldier perk.

Level 1: Shockwave

You're getting close to husks, so Shockwave was a great addition for this hero.

Level 2: Debilitating shots

Vulnerability, another basic soldier perk.

Level 5: Shell Shock: Increases shotgun damage by 24%.

Ranger gets it for pistols, Special Forces gets it for assault rifles, Raider had to get it for Shotguns.

Level 8: Survivalist: Killing an enemy with an ability or weapon recovers 3 base health per second over 3 seconds. Kills reset the healing duration. Will not activate on full health.

Another much needed piece of the kit. A shotgun specialist will surely collapse without survivalist perks.

Evolution 2: Frag Grenade

Basic grenades, again good for crowd control. Throw them at your feet, and if your have Special Forces in tactical, it'll stun the swarm as well.

Level 12: Perfect Engineering: Applies 3 stacks of Debilitating Shots to all enemies hit by Shockwave.

More crowd control. Raider just keeps getting better at getting real close with minimal risk.

Level 15: I Love to Reload!: Reloading the equipped weapon increases run speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

A fantastic perk. I usually frown on seeing +Speed perks on any hero (maybe not ninjas), but: A)Raider will be moving around all the time. B)Raider will be reloading all the time. See how that works out?

Level 18: Critical Blast: Increases shotgun critical hit damage by 70%

Go to Schematics and pick any shotgun. Check its base Critical Chance. (PS: If you have a tower around to wipe your drool, I would suggest checking Thunderbolt or Room Sweeper's Critical Hit Chance, Fire Rate, and then thinking about this perk).


Evolution 3: War Cry

As if getting better at surviving close combat wasn't enough, he gets better at squeezing out more damage. And you're buffing teammates too.

Level 25: Kneecapper: Increases the effectiveness of Debilitating Shots Vulnerability stacks to 9%.

It just doesn't stop, does it?

Level 30: Flak Vest: Reduces damage taken by 90%. Reduction drops by 30% each time the Soldier is hit, and is disabled for 60 seconds after the third hit.

The ultimate survivalist perk, will let you step into swarms of bees and empty your magazine onto a Blaster's face while it vomits blue light at you.

  • Squad Bonus

Apart from Raider's primary perks, it also has a Support Squad Bonus

(Support Squad Bonus) Adjustable Choke: Increases critical rating with shotguns by 8/13/18.

Which makes it crucial that you use a second Raider in Support.

V.Shotgun Loadout

  • Getting Started with Shotguns

Shotguns are the most satisfying weapons to get kills with, sharing the spot only with the Noble Launcher. The best thing about shotguns is that there is one perfect shotgun for every situation, and so no shotguns are bad.

I'll take you through my shotgun loadout below. If you've never used Raider before, I highly recommend crafting all the unlevelled shotguns you have, taking them to Stonewood PL 5 missions, and testing them out. Shotguns are all about which one YOU are comfortable with. That, combined with a test of the range of a particular shotgun, will give you the best loadout for you.

However, the automatic shotguns in this game are extraordinary and frankly, kind of addictive. I recommend always having a Room Sweeper in your second slot. This is an automatic, fast firing shotgun, the key to melting the big threats quickly (again, I'm not kidding about the 2 seconds thing). Note that this shotgun eats through ammo easily, and it's extremely tempting to use it as the main weapon all the time, but avoid doing so because of its maintenance cost.

  • 3-Slot Management

Try shotguns, experiment with taking range, elements, and crowd control in mind, and keep trying until you find the perfect three.

When it comes to taking these things in mind, I follow this loadout:

~Slot 1: A regular shotgun with the right Element

~Slot 2: Room Sweeper, Energy (but preferably the right Element)

~Slot 3: Tigerjaw, Physical

I also see a lot of people use Thunderbolt for crowd control instead of Room Sweeper. The loadout mentioned above is just the setup I use and can vouch for.

Slot 1 is self-explanatory. Room Sweeper in Slot 2 because of its quick damage potential, also making it great for crowd control. You of course always want the right element on it, but since most people don't have 3 Room Sweepers with the right element and perks, I recommend using a single one with Energy. Energy on this one and Physical on Slot 3, because Room Sweeper has the lower range and Blasters and Lobbers (which stand at a distance) are never elemental and you won't have to walk up to them that close if you just use a Physical Tigerjaw that has better range and is also an Automatic. True, Room Sweeper will kill faster, but you won't always need it and Tigerjaw will do well for Blasters and Lobbers.

  • Perks
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For Shotgun perks, keep the Crit Rating in control because of how it scales with Crit Chance. Please read this post by /u/nordrasir about Crit Rating->Crit Chance conversion and keep in mind the extra crit rating you're already getting from the second Raider.

For perk selection, you want to match the last two (eg. Damage to Afflicted + Causes Affliction) or for Tigerjaw/Roomsweeper go for Damage to Mist Monsters and Bosses + Headshot explosions. Contrary to popular belief, headshot explosions do not trigger propane. Spoiler: No, that Raven didn't destroy your trap tunnel, your MGR friend did.

Pick reload speed over magazine size, and select either Damage/Headshot Damage depending on the shotgun accuracy.

VI.Close Quarters Playstyle and Important Tips

No specific role here, just have fun killing husks. I do have some very important tips though.

Always reload before starting War Cry, don't waste a second of War Cry reloading.

Don't go overboard with the Room Sweeper, use it only when necessary.

Be careful of propane on the ground and your shockwave.

Shockwave + War Cry + Room Sweeper near a smasher will make you think the game glitched, but no, you actually disintegrated that smasher.

Pick your battles wisely, no amount of survivalist perks can save you from 4 blasters targetting you at the same time.

If the mob is too large and you might not be able to contain them all, start building. Get the high ground, put a wall between you and the enemy, aim for the head, and one-pump…wait, is this not r/fortnitebr?

Even if the magazine isn't empty, reload after you finish a crowd. One, you'll get the movement speed from your perk and if the storm changed directions you can go there faster. Two, you won't have to reload in the middle of the next mob.

He is not the best pick for SSDs.

Close quarters doesn't mean you stand in trap tunnels. Eventually, without actively triggering it, a propane will be thrown at you.

Lastly, if you're using Rabbit Raider Jonesy, be sure to RideThePony after every mission.

VII.Squad Bonuses/Gadgets

For Gadgets, pick Adrenaline/Hover Turret/Slow Field. Adrenaline is still useful and allows you to take risks. Note that it also revives friendly teammates in the range automatically, so you don't have to run over to revive them. Hover Turret is well…broken. Slow Field can be good. I never liked it, but I see a lot of Raiders using it, and it makes sense why.

  • Support Slot

A second Raider is the obvious choice. If you don't have him, a UAH for headshot multiplier or Carbide for +Reload Speed will also do.

  • Tactical Slot

I generally buff grenades wherever possible, so Special Forces for the stun, Plasma Specialist for affliction are good. I go for Wukong for the Shockwave Stun. PS: Shockwave also works on Takers despite them being in the air.


Raider is surely a Tier A soldier because of the ease with which it puts damage on the table. I cannot stress enough how well-made its ability/perk toolkit is, and the amount of variety in shotguns always keeps him fresh.

Loads of fun, rare hero, not seen in Stonewood/Plankerton/Canny lobbies too often, crazy in the damage department, all three skins are unique, and by far my most used hero in Twine.

He does need some practise and getting used to shotguns, war cry, and close combat, but he quickly grows on to you and you'll keep going back to him.

Surely, Raider makes everything you've slotted by mistake in the Collection Book worth it.

Thank you for reading!

Have a good day 🙂

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