Sran’s Guide to Using the Nevermore Hero (Raven), the most mysterious character in Save the World.

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I. Introduction: My Hero Tier System

Hi r/fortnite, Sran here with another hero guide.

I am a highly passionate Twine player, and I enjoy Save the World a lot and find its hero diversity to be the best thing for me. I write guides that are simple to understand and do not contain any info dump, hence making them new player friendly.

Previously I have written guides on:

1.Master Grenadier Ramirez


I have also posted a few Hero concepts and one mission concept.

My Tier System

I don't entirely believe in the meta as strictly as many people do.

For example, some people may believe in 5-8 tiers of heroes, while I believe in only three, and I classify them in my own way:

  • Tier A- Makes the game easy

  • Tier B- May make you work a bit

  • Tier C- Needs work to contribute to the mission

Just because a hero is Tier A doesn't mean it's better than a Tier C hero. I believe that all heroes are viable, and my tier system only classifies it according to how much work it needs to be to properly contribute to the mission. You might be thinking "has to do more work = less viable", right? Wrong. If the player enjoys doing that work, it's totally viable for them. For example, Special Forces Banshee is Tier A, but sometimes I get bored with doing less work and simply pressing left click or the War Cry hotkey during the whole mission. I would prefer something like Carbide that has to move around all the time and be creative with abilities. Whereas sometimes, I don't want to move around, I just want to use a variety of my favorite ARs, so I stick with something like Special Forces.

II. An Overview of Nevermore

The Nevermore class was released along with the release of Season 4 of Fortnite. Raven is the first and only hero in this class, available as a Mythic hero in the Event Store for 3200 Gold, and well worth its price too.

I would put it in Tier B, a solid DPS soldier, great team support as well, BUT requires some practise. More on this in section V.

Raven, alongside Carbide, is according to me the best looking character in Save the World. It received a massive amount of hype in BR too, when released as a skin. Earlier the character didn't have a voice, but it has recently been given (Batman's) voice.


Shadowy figure who screeches deafening War Cries before eliminating prey with his dual wielded pistols.

You can read all of Raven's perks here.

Key Features of Raven:

1)First hero to get the fifth soldier ability, Lefty and Righty, along with a great upgrade that makes this ability into an explosive machine

2)Full Debilitating shots (enemies take increased damage for a certain time)

3)A pistol-ish angle to Soldiers. Usually relying on ARs or Shotguns, Soldiers finally get the Pistol angle to them with Raven. It only has one pistol-related perk though.

4)If not used as a Primary Hero, its Tactical Bonus gives your primary hero explosive bullets after 10 kills with a ranged weapon. Note that Raven itself also has this as a perk.

5)+5 seconds on War Cry, according to me the most useful War Cry plugin

6)Fun Fact: Raven is possibly a demon. In a recent conversation in a quest, when asked "Are you a demon?" he laughs, and the lie detector says he's telling the truth. I'm extremely curious about what's going on here, with the crazy questline we've gotten this event.

III.Ranger VS Raven

Let's get this out of the way, you probably came here for this.

Ranger has a weaker AOE, while Raven gets Lefty & Righty, Frag Grenade, and Explosive Rounds

Ranger has better mobility, with Phase Shift regenerating shield. Raven has no health-buffs.

Hence Ranger can get in and out of bad situations better, while Raven is forced to deal with them with grenades/weapons/L&R.

Ranger can get around quicker, but wherever Raven is, it's made to be able to handle the situation.

Ranger has the weaker abilities, Raven gets loads of damage buffs from his.

Ranger takes the crit rating/crit damage route. Raven takes the War Cry/Kneecapper route. This makes the "which is better" question come down to how you use it, what pistols you use, if team play is involved, etc.

Ranger has a flat damage perk for pistols, Raven relies on Debilitating Shots, again, buffing the entire team.

Ranger has no group buffs, Raven supports the team very well.


Remember that being a soldier, Raven has +10% ranged damage in general,

I feel like both of them are amazing, A-Tier heroes.

Note that Ranger is definitely a full pistol soldier whereas some people choose to ignore Raven's single pistol perk and use whatever weapons they want. If you want to do that, I recommend using a Centurion instead, which also gets the Shockwave Raven doesn't, but misses out on the War Cry time buff.

Also a sidenote: a lot of people go Raven with Ranger support, or Ranger with Raven tactical, nice synergy there.

IV.Pistols to Use

The only pistol perk Raven gets is that getting pistol kills reduces cooldown of Lefty and Righty by 1 second. Easy to get, and useful, so considering that and my love for pistols, I only use Raven with pistols.

Aside from a few that I don't consider to be must-haves as long as we have 3 weapon slots (pistols like TID and Zapp Zapp don't have a place here IMO), pistols like shotguns come down to personal preference.

I use few of these depending on the element:

Viper: Amazing for close combat

Whisper .45: You probably have a few of these, a great, flexible gun

Falcon/Judge: Whichever you prefer, but have one of these slotted

Bald Eagle: Very slow, but hits hard and puts crazy numbers when it crits

I feel like out of these, Viper is a must-have along with either of Falcon/Judge/Bald Eagle. Other than that, you can choose whatever you want. Some prefer Monsoon over Viper, and as I said, it's all about what you're comfortable with.

Raven doesn't mind.

V.Your Role in the Team

As any other soldier with full Debilitating Shots, you won't have a problem taking down any target.

The element of practise comes in with switching pistols, a Viper will do nothing but waste bullets if you waste it at a charging Taker, you're better off with something like Whisper .45 or Falcon in this position.

Know when to put War Cry up, but don't wait too long on it.

With War Cry and your entire team affected by it plus you applying full Deb shots, Smasher waves are never a problem. Again, react faster and know when to switch guns. This is why it is important not to go a full 3x Viper or 3x Bald Eagle route.

Be careful with Lefty and Righty, and in general being near trap tunnels. You get explosive rounds every 10 kills, plus your Lefty & Righty is also explosive. Don't shoot into trap tunnels and watch out for propanes.

L&R is an amazing ability, I like it a lot more than Going Commando. Great for taking down an entire wave of husks, or a couple of mist monsters. This is why we use pistols, L&R has a long cooldown but it's manageable to get it even to 40 seconds if you're quick enough.

Pick your battles well, don't rush into a crowd, control it from a distance first, then jump in. You don't have Ranger's mobility to get out of it, but you do have the AOE element to mitigate it and rush in anyways.

VI.Squad Bonuses/Gadgets

  • Support Slot

I recommend using Ranger for the flat 24% pistol damage.

  • Tactical Slot

I always like to buff Frag Grenade wherever possible, so i use Special Forces Banshee. It's immensely useful for this hero, because your grenades now stun enemies. You can use it to get out of swarms.

  • Gadgets

I use Adrenaline Rush (since Raven doesn't have any surviability perks) and Hover Turret for it. Note, a fully maxed Adrenaline Rush auto-revives your teammates in range. I had this locked in Skill Tree 4 until Epic gave out the Skill Points last week, loving it now.

VI. Verdict

I put it in Tier B because it's not a stand-in-one-place-and-shoot soldier. You'll love putting the work in. To clarify this, my verdict for MGR was Tier A because she can stand and drop grenades and create a mini-game for herself. Note again, Tier A doesn't mean it's better than Tier B heroes, according to my rating system.

Raven is incredible on DPS, a great hero to have on your team. Other than having a badass skin, you can easily put up high damage numbers with it. It needs you to put some time before you can truly get into it, but it's surely a lot of fun to use it. Lefty & Righty feels great with the explosions, and is very useful in high difficulty missions when things start getting out of control.

Overall a fantastic soldier, a great pick for anyone who wants to use pistols. Go pick it up from the Event Store if you haven't already.

Thank you for reading!

Have a good day 🙂

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