Sran’s In-depth Guide to using Master Grenadier Ramirez, from a MGR main in Twine.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Sran's In-depth Guide to using Master Grenadier Ramirez, from a MGR main in Twine.

I. Introduction: About Me, and My Hero Tiers

Hi r/fortnite, Sran here! I am a long time Twine player, trudging around just waiting for the storylines to be updated. I'm going to be writing guides about heroes I extensively use, I feel like we need more hero-oriented guides on this subreddit. I have previously posted about some Soldier concepts, and this is the first time I'm writing something like this.

I'll try to keep it as easy to understand as possible, and will avoid elaborating things most people already know of. I'm not the most expert player when it comes to the mathematics of this game, please correct me wherever possible.

Also, I don't entirely believe in the meta as strictly as many people do.

For example, some people may believe in 5-8 tiers of heroes, while I believe in only three:

  • Tier A- Makes the game easy

  • Tier B- May make you work a bit

  • Tier C- Needs work to contribute to the mission

I'll be starting off this series with Master Grenadier Ramirez, my favorite hero.

II. About Master Grenadier Ramirez

You can read all of MGR's perks here.

MGR and Megabase Kyle are the only two Tier-A Mythics (from the original four) in my opinion. Note that aside from Llamas, you can obtain these mythic heroes from Legendary Transform Keys.

MGR is a soldier based around grenades: bigger, stronger, better. Gets Cluster Bombs, increased capacity, plus Keep Out, increased radius for Keep Out.

Everyone who praises her, does so because of her grenades. Everyone who dislikes her, does so because of how people use her grenades.

III. What You Can do to Make Your MGR Stronger

Remember that for a hero that is focused on abilities, there are some set rules about strengthening their abilities.

One, invest in Tech.

Two, level it up as much as possible. If you're maining her in Twine, 5 star her.

Three, go for the right tactical and support. More on this below.

IV. Squad Bonuses and Weapons

I've seen three commonly used supports: SMS, Berserker (Wukong) and Reclaimer. Shuriken Master is definitely the better choice, here's why:

Using SMS in Support: ability focus

  • 20% ability damage, for all 3 abilities

  • Assuming you use the right guns, your guns do 100% damage

Using Reclaimer in Support and all Energy weapons: buffs to weapons as well as grenades

  • Added damage for grenades (interacts differently than SMS's support, as per /u/whitesushii's post )

  • 87% damage with weapons, compared to using the right element (67% because the weapon is Energy, +20% additive because of Reclaimer support)

Using Berserker in Support: buffs to ARs only

  • Just the 24% AR damage on top of using the right element (124% weapon damage), but doesn't affect abilities in any way.

For Tactical, either pick:

  • Plasma Specialist: extra affliction damage from grenades


  • Special Forces Banshee: increased impact and knockback from grenades

V. The Trap Tunnel Problem

You're out there, enjoying your new Mythic hero. You're loving how flashy her grenades are, despite being ridiculously strong as well. Little do you know, the constructor back there with a sniper is watching everything you do.


MGR focuses on grenades. Grenades blast propanes. Propanes blast trap tunnels. Trap tunnels blast Constructors. Constructors will blast you out of their friend lists.


One, don't stand on top of the trap tunnel, no matter what hero you're using.

Assuming you already know this, two:

Make sure the trap tunnel is built as a 'T' shape (the vertical line is the tunnel, and the horizontal is the wall that makes the funnel) rather than an inverted, '⟂' symbol.


With a 'T', you can build staircases against the walls of the funnel, stand on the top of the staircases (the ends of the horizontal line in 'T' rather than the middle), and throw grenades at the actual spawn point. The propanes will explode, but no damage will be done to the tunnel.

With a '⟂', you have to focus on throwing further to avoid doing damage to the tunnel. People built a '⟂', then throw inside the trap tunnel. RIP.

VI. Tips on Using Abilities

Understand that she is not an ability spam hero. Carbide, Dragon, Shuriken Master are good examples of heroes that can actually sustain using abilities only.

MGR gets 20 sec cooldown on grenades, but can also carry extra grenades (no, Demolisher's tactical doesn't do anything). You're not supposed to use them all on one crowd. The grenades will kill most husks in there, and bring Blasters down to 50% of their health if they get hit with Cluster Bombs. If you have another grenade, do not use it to finish the crowd. Don't be lazy. Use your guns.

Shockwave can be used as a last resort if swarmed with husks and out of grenades. I mainly use it on Smashers. Going Commando too is great versus Smashers, but is also a flexible ability that can be used for large crowds.

Over the course of using her, you will learn how to lead husks. Example: A group of husks approaches. The little ones are coming closer faster, the husky husks are slow and far behind, and our pitcher buddy is getting ready to aim. Go near the pitcher and the husky, lead other husks to form a cluster (the smaller husks will follow you there) and pop a grenade at your feet.

VII. Best Missions to Use Her In

She is amazing in all missions, gets great combat scores and saves a lot of ammo with the grenades. Definitely has a spot on every mission, I am happy to see her in the team when I'm not using her.

But she does have two missions she totally specializes in.

MGR, like Dragon, is amazing for Encampment and Rescue the Survivors Missions.

VIII. Verdict

Definitely belongs to Tier A (highest tier as explained above).

MGR is an incredible AOE hero, definitely lives up to the Mythic tag. The skin looks great, the character is the poster girl of Fortnite, her abilities are fun, and there is nothing niche/gimmicky about her despite specializing in one ability and getting no buffs to Debilitating Shots. The crowd control is crazy, and there is no other hero I enjoy playing as much.

Thank you for reading!

This is my first guide, please let me know of any improvements or suggestions.

Have a good day 🙂

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