Sran’s In-depth Guide to using Pathfinder outside of a farming mission.

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I. Introduction: My Hero Tier System

Hi r/fortnite, Sran here with another hero guide. Previously I have written a guide on Master Grenadier Ramirez along with a few Soldier concepts.

I will be talking about my hero tier system in every post, in general for new readers as well as in the context of that hero.

I don't entirely believe in the meta as strictly as many people do.

For example, some people may believe in 5-8 tiers of heroes, while I believe in only three, and I classify them in my own way:

  • Tier A- Makes the game easy

  • Tier B- May make you work a bit

  • Tier C- Needs work to contribute to the mission

Just because a hero is Tier A doesn't mean it's better than a Tier C hero. I believe that all heroes are viable, and my tier system only classifies it according to how much work it needs to be to properly contribute to the mission. You might be thinking "has to do more work = less viable", right? Wrong. If the player enjoys doing that work, it's totally viable for them. For example, Special Forces Banshee is Tier A, but I personally get bored with doing less work and simply pressing left click or the War Cry hotkey during the whole mission. I would prefer something like Carbide that has to move around all the time and be creative with abilities.

Today I'll be talking about a hero with mixed general opinions, the Pathfinder Outlander. This guide was requested by /u/Ejay424.

II. The Controversy About Pathfinder

You could argue that a class made for farming isn't made for combat, but why on earth would Epic make a solo class in a co-op game?

Most of the hate Pathfinder gets from some people is because a lot of players use Pathfinders for farming in public missions. An old Pathfinder skin called "Bloodfinder" is popularly known to AFK a lot. The entire stereotype comes from Pathfinder players failing to realize how to use it, and non-Pathfinder players coming across bad Pathfinder players all the time.

III. About Pathfinder

Pathfinder is currently available in the Event Store, as a reskin. You can read all of Pathfinder's perks here. As you can see, its only combat related perk (offensive) is a measly TEDDY. All the rest of its perks, arguably leaving aside Phase Shift, are based on farming.

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And yet, I strongly believe Pathfinder is worth using even in public missions if you can master its advantages and understand how to harness its abilities properly.

I don't need to write much about its farming perks, pretty much everyone knows about them. A llama with better loot, chance to find double loot, increased speed with Keen Eyes, and see-through walls for chests, ammo boxes, etc. To sum it up, she's always going to have a LOT of resources.

IV. Using Pathfinder's Advantages Correctly: Before the Defense Stage

Resources can be converted into damage with a lot of work. Work, that puts the Pathfinder in Tier C. If you enjoy the work, you'll love using the hero and you can potentially outdamage your teammates.


Firstly, type something in the chat and let people know what you're doing. Your hero is a stereotype and you want to clarify you're here to do the mission.

Your Pathfinder has more resources, so I expect you to do whatever you can to use your resources into something like trapping the hell out of the base, or providing mats to Constructors, maybe providing ammo to friends. Your call.

You can also craft a lot of explosive weapons for yourself, minimizing the only downside of these weapons (low durability, high resource investment). You can upgrade walls, trap the base like you would in a Survive the Storm.

You need to be great at using your resources. As the mission starts, activate Keen Eyes immediately, go around and loot within 4 minutes. You probably only need things like nuts and bolts. Level up traps that need material that can be found easily.

Build funnels, put a roof on that ride the lightning, spam wooden floors around the Mega Base. Go to the spawn, put ceiling traps up there.

Put Heal Pads and campfires around. Put defenders in 4-player missions.

When going around, pick BluGlo and get the boosts.

Use your resources to give your base a heartbeat. The fifth teammate isn't Pathfinder. It's Pathfinder's resources, her fort that can defend itself.

Practise harnessing and building quicker in lower level missions first, maybe during private vbuck alerts in low PL missions. You'll get better at it soon.

V. Using Pathfinder's Advantages Correctly: During the Defense Stage (Weapons and Squad Bonuses)

Here you tweak your Pathfinder according to how you want to play it, and you can actually experiment with a lot of builds.

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Put Wukong or Ranger in Support if you're in for ARs/Pistols respectively.

Go for another Pathfinder for increased pickaxe damage.

Commando Spitfire or Reclaimer in Tactical for TEDDY buffs.

Go for Phase Scout for faster movement, get those pylons quickly.

Put Raven in tactical for explosive rounds.

Carbide in Support for Explosive Weapons/Shotguns/Snipers to reload them faster.

Reclaimer in Support if you're spamming Energy weapons, mainly Neon Launchers.

There's so much you can do with the Support Slots.

Stay near a Soldier and take advantage of their debilitating shots.

Stand near spawns and drop Quad Launchers on the nature enemies.

Repair all that you can.

Spam your weapons, ammo isn't an issue for you.

Use Phase Shift to move around quickly.

VI. Verdict

A lot of the things in this guide applies to other farming Outlanders as well.

Pathfinder is a fantastic hero. I love having good Pathfinders on my team, regardless of the mission difficulty. Being a Tier-C hero, you need to be great at using it. Your first mission with a UAH will be easy, your first mission with Pathfinder will be hard. But it's all about how much you enjoy the work that goes into it.

Communicate with the team, go all-in with the contribution.

And when you get the highest scores in the mission, Boogie Down on the end screen.

Thank you for reading!

Have a good day 🙂

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