SSD Enhancements!

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SSD's are one of my favorite aspects to this game. I love build up a good defense and being able to solo them. But having these dedicated areas that are persistent and unique to each player means that there is so much more that could be done with these areas. Here are some of the changes/enhancements that I think would be great to have a t some point. Please add your own!

– Be able to Reset your SSD

– Enable one-hit Destroy to structures (Like Horde Bash)

– Be able to replace and Repair Traps

– Be able to Build in the Soccer Field area of Stonewood

– add more stages for each SSD

– add more "cosmetics" to building ie. more building shapes, traps that are just Cosmetic like a table, book case, etc.


– have a SSD Sharing Option. If you "Share" your ssd then others can enter and explore your ssd at anytime without yourself present.

– Once all SSD's are complete remove or greatly increase the build limit

– Once all are complete remove the Bubble, allow us to explore every part of the ssd

– Be able to place the Tracks from Deliver the Bomb and deploy a cart on the track that you could actually ride.

– Create a "Final" SSD. once you have completed all SSD in all 4 areas (and the fifth are if it ever comes) have there be one Last SSD that is Huge, much bigger that Twine and have it have a lot more levels (ie. 50)

Please add your ideas!


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