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Daily Quests / Events

  • Currently we get one of these a day. Daily quests should be expanded to give the end game player something more to strive for. This doesn't have to be limited to just getting vBucks. It could be gold, evolution materials, xp, and now perk-up materials.
  • Your daily quests should reflect where you are in the game, perhaps as you get further in the game you unlock more daily quests to do per day. This gives players a reason to get to the higher zones and to level up their power level. Nothing discourages me more than being 113 power level and getting a Stonewood missions daily quest. Why would I want to go back to Stonewood when the materials and rewards of Stonewood are not attractive at all for someone in Twine?
    • This could be something as simple as you always get a do x mission in your current highest zone (scaling the reward higher as you get to higher zones)
    • Give the players multiple dailies (A do x missions in current zone, a kill count that increases as you go up in zone, a explore, etc)
  • As of late the events are targeted towards everyone. There is no extra's like when the first STS came out and you had to be high level to earn some of the better (legendary) stuff. What reason do players have to be in Twine? With the gold rate being just as good at low level and the event store / weekly store, players really have no incentives to get to twine. (earn 30 vbucks in a 34 mission and only 40 in a 82+). A Level 20 player can earn mythics and legendaries now with ease.

Mission Rewards. Mission Difficulty, and Difficulty Scaling

  • One of the biggest issues with this game is the end game scaling. Missions in early Canny Valley and lower are incredibly easy. There are less mist monsters, less elemental's, less rotating storms, less storm modifiers, and when you bump the difficulty less husk levels per bump.
  • The rewards comparing low power level to high power level is not attractive enough for the extra difficulty added in terms of the above bullet. As you get from High Canny Valley to end of Twine, you eventually are fighting almost all mist monsters, elemental's, special husks.
  • No difference in bonus tasks on a mission (Kill mini-boss, kill x elemental's, etc), they all reward the same exact amount. So why would you struggle in a higher level mission when you can go to a lower level mission and turn on easy mode(basically afk with turrets and constructor base reflect) and earn the same bonus rewards?
  • Cache chance really does not change as you go into higher level missions nor with the difficulty bumping, so again why would anyone want to do this? If you can farm a mission 50 levels lower than you and get epic/evolve/legendary caches at the same frequency, why would you try to do this at say 94 or 100 missions where chance of success is much more involved.
  • The amount of BG you have to collect per mission for the mission itself and bumping the difficulty is both time intensive and does not reflect a difference in rewards earned. For example a single atlas vs a 4 atlas mission, you need to collect 3 more BG but earn the same rewards. It takes time to gather all the BG needed for a max difficulty bump + bluglo needed for the mission itself. This is not a fun feature. Difficulty bumping should just be straight up a vote and no bluflo farming needed (which can sometimes take an extra 4-6 minutes).
  • The difference in gold earned from bumping difficulty just once, to max difficulty and the difference in hardness of the mission verse the reward vs the zone you are on. For example in Plankertone at Plvl 34, if you bump 1 time, the mob level goes from 34 to 36. You get 31 extra gold. If you max the difficulty, the mob level increases to 45 and you get 69 extra gold. Now lets compare this to a twine mission at plvl 94. If you bump once the mob level goes from 94 to 99, and you get 49 extra gold for one bump. 19 gold difference…. for 63 difference in husk power level? Not worth it. Now this amplifies as you go to max difficulty in twine fighting mobs sometimes 20+ levels higher than the current power-level mission. Twine already inherently is harder because there are more elemental's, more mist monsters, more special husks. And the difference in gold is not worth the extra effort/trouble.

Playing in Lower Zones

  • There is no benefit for higher level players having to go backwards. Most of the time players that do this just set the game to private and don't allow players of the appropriate or under leveled players in their matches. The missions are so easy for a high level player to solo there is no need to fill the extra slots.
  • The materials you get from playing in these lower level missions have zero purpose. You no longer use these materials and there is no way to recycle or turn them into something useful. If anything its a chore that you always have to go into your inventory and dump these low level materials out to save your space.
  • No Twine players wants to go back to Canny Valley/Plankerton to farm Perk up material. Stop forcing us to go backwards in progression. Now-a-days, I'm lucky if I play 1-3 missions a day in Twine due to Perk-Up and vBuck missions almost always being in Stonewood through Canny Valley.

Perk Up

  • This is simple: Uncommon in stonewood, Uncommon/rare in plankerton, uncommon/rare/epic in canny valley, uncommon/rare/epic/legendary in Twine. By the time you get into Twine you should be able to earn ALL of these, and at higher rates than the previous zones to add some incentive to actually get to twine for players. Seeing as these show up pretty limited in each zone (Not every mission contains perk up rewards), this would just allow you to farm what you need more frequently, including the chance for more double and possibly triple perk ups in a single mission (group).

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