State of the Subreddit – 6.0 Coming in Hot Edition!

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With 6.0 around the corner we'd like to take this time to clarify one of our subreddits rules that we have not been enforcing as strongly these past few weeks in relation to humor posts, specifically memes.


Our Humor Guideline rule states that "all humor must be created by you, and not an overused template, formula or something similar. Show off your creativity!"

We have allowed most of these memes to remain on the sub lately even though they broke that rule.

Once 6.0 launches we will go back to enforcing that rule more strictly – humor is fine if you create it, but if its a template meme/formula/something similar, expect it to be removed (and please if you see these posts report them to us, its the fastest way for the team to address them).

Use of the term "BRats"

Please be mindful that this term has no place on this sub, and while we have simply removed posts containing this in the past we will begin to start issuing bans for this. Battle Royale is a part of Fortnite and those users should be able to feel welcomed here.

Daily Threads

We are also going to be reworking our daily threads as many of them didnt quite live up to our expectations:

  • Monday – Mentor Monday – will run Mondays/Tuesdays now
  • Wednesday – Epic PLZ
  • Thursday – Weekly Group Finder Megathread – will be left up Thursday-Sunday

We will modify this schedule to either add/remove/rearrange as necessary, expect this to start Monday October 1st (if not before).

New Moderators

We'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest mods brought on to the team.

Alimdia: Hi I am alimdia, 24 years old and from New Zealand. Currently living in Perth, Australia. I am a software engineer by day, gamer by night. In my free time I like to watch movies, gym and complain about movies.

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ShuttleXPC: Hey everyone, I'm ShuttleXpC. I'm 34 years young from Arizona where I work in Insurance. I've been a gamer since the age of 5 – playing many of the classics that are still being released in different forms today. I'm a huge fan of progression games where I feel like I'm earning something (so I can justify time spent) – Fortnite fits that niche perfectly! If you can't tell by my name, I love building computers – Small Form Factor ftw!

Kakarot1925: Hiya, Kakarot1925 here and I am a 21 years old Computer Science student from Western Canada and a diehard gamer that just has to achieve perfection in every game I play with the least amount of real world money being spent (cause where's the challenge otherwise) and that habit tends to reflect in everything I do (including moderation!). I play various games from MMOs such as Elder Scrolls Online & Destiny (Forsaken hype) to team based shooters such as Overwatch and well you guessed it, Save the World (and oh that OTHER mode haha…). When i'm not gaming you can find me tinkering with all sorts of code magic ranging from scripts / bots for home automation to programming physical robots for competitions / STEM education. If you ever have any questions or just wanna say hi, don't feel shy and just shoot me a message.

Yeebok: Hey. Yeebok here. I'm old, work for the government and live in Australia. I like F2P and I like grindy games. I've been a gamer for a long time, and have played a variety of games, but Save The World presents a unique challenge 'coz there are so many separate pieces combined. Between work, Save the World a bit of Rocket League thrown in, and Dungeons & Dragons on the weekends I don't get a lot of free time. I've played a lot of games over the years, ranging from MUDs like Achaea to competitive titles like Guild Wars, Mechwarrior and War Thunder. If I'm not gaming .. I'm at work, drinking coffee, or sleeping. I don't have a preferred class or subclass, I'll play anything. Recon Scout Eagle Eye is better than Pathfinder Jess.

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