State of the Subreddit: AFK Posts/Support Requests/Rules Updates/New Mod Recruitment

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Hi everyone,

It's been some time since we had an update. This is long overdue and I apologize this was not done sooner, as it should have been. Let's get straight to the updates.


Yes, everyone knows they exist. Yes, they are a problem. As of this moment, we are removing all new posts related to this. If you see a post sneak through that relates to this. Please report it so it can be quickly found and removed by a mod.

What we will be doing instead is having a designated weekly thread where people can voice their frustrations with AFK's and leechers (blocking out all names of course). More info on this below.

Support Requests

This is also another hot topic for debate. As we are not Epic support, and we cannot directly assist with Support Requests, if you have an in game issue please contact Epic directly at their support site. For now we will continue to allow those posts, but our stance may change at a later date.

Overall Rules Updates

We have updated the formatting and look of the rules found at

We lined up the wording of the sub rules to align with the Battle Royale sub, as much of the same rules applied there. The rules haven't changed much, however, it may worthwhile to note we've expanded and elaborated in a few rules such as Specific Content Restrictions and Feature Suggestions to make it more clear what we look for when trying to determine quality content.

Daily Threads

These will begin next Sunday, May 27th.

Mentor MondayAsk questions about anything in game you aren’t sure about. Veterans, share your tips!
Team Up TuesdayFind people to play with. Post your in game name and platform!
Where's My Team? WednesdayShare stories about your worst teammates and AFKs in game. NO NAMES
Epic PLZ ThursdayBeg Epic for changes to the game.
Farming FridayFind people to play with for specific objectives like “I will do any map for Surv XP” or “I just want to queue radar towers for 3 hours”.
Random Queue SaturdayHit that random queue button and try to help the greater community with their missions. Even if it’s a love ranger Jonesy.
Salty SundayComplain about anything related to STW (CAPS LOCK REQUIRED)

New Moderator Recruitment

We are looking to beef up the mod team as we recently had a few members of the team retire.

We are looking for a few people to assist us with the mod que and enforcing the rules. It's a lot of menial work but a job that needs to be done. We are looking for the following:

  • Any time zone worldwide

  • Minimum age 18

  • Love Fortnite

If you believe you have the free time and dedication, please apply at the link below. We're looking to bring mods on quickly!

Apply Here

-The Mod Team

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