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Ok guys, this is my second attempt at a similar suggestion. I use reddit often because its one of the websites I can actually use during downtime at work. This sub, however, is one that I cannot spend more than 10 minutes on. Just a few months ago when I started playing I found the sub informative and helpful. Today, I cannot say the same thing. Now I only come here for the occasional u/whitesushii or u/details-examples content or road-map update from Epic. So let me propose a question first. Are we actually ok with the state of OUR sub-reddit?

As far as I know, this is the only STW centric place for us, and we even have Epic game devs and customer support here. But unless some things change I wouldn't expect them to stick around. The less helpful we become the less they are going to communicate with us in this forum.

Let's take the biggest issue with this sub atm as an example. Posts about AFK/Leechers. That's probably 50% of the posts these days. That tells me 2 things. #1 – It's obviously a problem with the community. #2 – It's not fixed yet. Cool, so I know the problem and that there is currently not a solution in place. What else do I know? Epic has acknowledged the problem MULTIPLE times. At this point we are just littering our sub with useless circle-jerk posts and anyone who came here for actual useful information has probably since long disappeared because of them.

"But Drunon, if we keep spamming the problem, they'll fix it faster." Nope, that's not how Epic works and we have evidence of that with re-rolls. Epic acknowledged the community's issue with re-rolls, they told us they were working on it. But what did we do? We kept spamming posts about re-rolls. That must have made Epic work faster and harder on the problem, right? NOPE. They stuck to their plan even delaying the release because it wasn't how they wanted it yet. That tells me that whining every day means nothing and that Epic is more interested in a well designed fix instead of a band-aid to shut people up.


Ok, so now I've recognized a problem. Let me offer a solution as well. We need to step up our community guidelines and possibly even completely revamp some rules. We need to start policing and removing some useless posts so that actual useful or entertaining stuff is more prominent. I'll gladly volunteer to join the mod team and work with current mods at fixing our sub. Here are some of my suggestions right off the bat:

  • Remove posts that provide no purpose other than to whine – it's honestly just spam at this point I can't prove it with data but I'm certain that they do more harm than good to this community
  • Add a daily suggestions (for Epic) thread – suggestions are great, but lets put them in place to help Epic gain visibility they can't possible read every post every day.
  • Add a daily schematics thread – Some people like to talk about them some people don't let's corral them into one place for everyone to discuss them or avoid them!
  • Let's update our tags – I think this actually one of the most useful things this sub has going for it, but lets expand.
  • Add more active mods and/or remove inactive mods – I honestly don't know if this is a problem or not lately since I can't bare to look inside more than half of the posts these days.
  • Let's do a sub-reddit roadmap – This is popular with the game devs I think it would be a good tool for improving our community as well.

Those are some of my suggestions, but I would honestly like to hear what you guys think. Maybe I'm just a guy who is out of touch and whining is the new meta for gamers, idk. If it's not, and you guys think we have room to improve, let's get it done. Save the World is awesome, I'm hooked and I'll be around for a while. I'd really like to build a nice sub-reddit to compliment the already awesome communities we have on YouTube and Twitch.

TL:DR – Save the STW Sub-reddit

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