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FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Stonewood Endurance Guide and Reference Map

Hi guys,

I have been working on my Stonewood Endurance Guide for a while. I challenged myself to build a fully AFK base in Stonewood, and collected a tonne of data, and here are the results. Map with wave guide in post, spreadsheet and extra notes down the bottom, as well as additional links, and maybe videos to follow. Feel free to ask any questions, tell me where I've got it wrong, or ask if you want to see my base.

ls04xre9kpr31 - Stonewood Endurance Guide and Reference Map

My spreadsheet of Stonewood Endurance data, including husk PL, wave times and rewards for most waves:
view?usp=sharing - Stonewood Endurance Guide and Reference Map

Some key points about Stonewood endurance:

  • Why bother? Stonewood is great for consistently getting rare perk up (259 per complete run, every time) and very easy to completely AFK with some strategic builds.
  • What traps do I need? 82s are ideal, because they have the 5th and 6th perks unlocked, but 58s are fine as husks only go up to pl51. If you might ever want to run Wargames in Stonewood then maybe go for 106s. Blue perks are completely adequate in terms of damage dealt, but if you want max durability then obviously perk that up as much as you can.
  • Husks start at pl17 and go up to pl51 (solo run). Your PL will be capped at 25, so misties will be 2-tapping you by the end.
  • Weapons and traps are capped beyond level 58. So really you are wasting your higher tiered materials by crafting 130s and even 106s. (N.B. For those who didn’t already know, this happens automatically in all missions in Stonewood, which is why having 130s there is just silly.)
  • Lobber shields are essential (approximately an 8-tile-distance radius from the amp in all possible attack directions). If you want to fully AFK, then you will need a double-length lobber shield on your Amp D to cater for the Safety Zone modifier in Wave 15.
  • Stonewood’s spawns shift each time, and there are sometimes really annoying tendrils that pop up in random places, causing husks to bypass your trap tunnels. It takes a few runs to figure these out and build for them (I will record some in detail in the comments).
  • Amp D gets hit hard with three war games modifiers, Safety Zone (wave 15), Torn Apart (wave 20) and Hot Spots (wave 25), all of which remove traps and potentially damage structures. It also gets between 5 and 6 minibosses on Wave 30 with Mist Pods modifier, plus 2-3 regular epic minibosses. Over-trap there, and put gas traps over the spawns too.
  • The West Amp (west of HB) will also get a lot of attacks because it can only be attacked from one direction. Extra layers of trapping are needed if you want your trap tunnels to last til the end. Additionally, you may need to over trap on South Amp or South-West Amp, depending whether your placement of Amp D cuts off one of their spawns.
  • Structure limit is not an issue in Stonewood, so don’t worry about overbuilding.
  • If you want to do an AFK run, stand far away from the amps – either build yourself a box several tiles above HB (mine is 8 tiles up), or go and stand on the football pitch. Otherwise Stonewood is so small that you mess with husk pathing and they bash through stuff to get to you.
  • Hero loadout really depends on how you want to do the run. I do an AFK run, so I main Machinist for extra trap durability, and then I bring my banner and teleporter so that I can hide in my sky tower and respawn there during Safety Zone when I die.

I will try and create some videos to show my build and trapping, in case that is useful for people who are just starting out and need some help knowing what to place where.


Additional links and credits:

  • /u/TinyTornado7 Stonewood Endurance guide (better if you want to fight rather than AFK) –
  • /u/FromWayDownUnder diagram showing much more detailed Stonewood spawns and approaches (although I found that some of his block offs didn’t work for me)
  • /u/jk4yy whose original map design I copied! Because it is very good. I understand that he is also working on a spreadsheet and so I will link it when he releases it. Edit: here

I am currently working on a Plankerton Guide, so let me know if there is any additional information you would like to see!

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