Stonewood Endurance Guide: Waves 1-30

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Stonewood Endurance Guide: Waves 1-30

After looking around I couldn't find a comprehensive guide for Stonewood Endurance so I figured I would throw something together with some of the data I collected through a couple of runs. Hopefully this helps out some of the lower level players/anyone who has yet to complete Stonewood Endurance.

Before we begin I highly suggest using machinist harper for her trap durability bonus and using other slotted constructors such a BASE Kyle, Ice King, Thunder Thora, etc who provided added bonuses to the BASE. Additionally having 5-6defenders (sniper, assault, melee) makes the defense even easier.

In Stonewood we have five different objectives to defend; Homebase, Amp A, Amp B, Amp C and Amp D. Depending on the order in which you personally put down the Amps. For clarity these are the locations of the labeled amps on my map so you can get an idea of which one(s) I am referring to even if you placed them in a different order.

H: Homebase (obviously)

A: Directly south of Homebase; East of Amp C

B: Directly west of Homebase; North of Amp C

C: Directly south of Amp B; West of Amp A; North of Amp D

D: Directly south of Amp C

Waves: H from East: PL 17 reads as Homebase gets attacked from the East with PL 17 husks

1: H from the East: PL 17

2: B from the West: PL 19: First Smasher

3: A from the East: PL 21

4: C from the West: PL 22: First Flinger

5: D from the South or East: PL 24

6: D from South or C from West: PL 25

7: B from West: PL 27

8: A from South: PL 29: First Shielders

9: C from West: PL 30: War-games Anomalies

10: A from East or B from West: PL 31: Potential Miniboss

11: B from West or D from East: PL 33: Potential Tanker Wave

12: B from West: PL 34

13: A from East or South: PL 35

14: C from West: PL 36: Nature Husks

15: D from West or South: PL 37: War-games Safe Zone

16: A from East: PL 38

17: B from West: PL 39

18: A from South: PL 40

19: C from West: PL 41

20: D from South or West: PL 42: War-games Tornado

21: H from East: PL 42

22: B from West: PL 43

23: A from East: PL 44: Fire Husks

24: C from West: PL 44

25: D from South or East: PL 45: War-games Hot Spots

26: A from East or B from West: PL 46

27: B from West: PL 46

28: A from South: PL 47

29: C from West: PL 48

30: D from East: PL 50: War-games Mist Pods: 2X Miniboss

**Some of the waves could be different. I took this data from 6 different runs. Feel free to offer other data**

Game Duration usually takes about 2 and 1/2 hours


  • Homebase gets attacked only twice, so save your resources for other locations. I suggest using defenders/gadgets/weapons to handle the first wave. Homebase is only attacked from the East.
  • Amps A & B tend to get attacked the most and Amp D tends to get attacked during war-games.
  • Amp A is attacked from the East or South; Amps B & C are only attacked from the West; Amp D is attacked from the West, South and East.
  • Amp C is subjected to heavy lobber and flinger attacks; use a lobber shield and multiple sniper defenders positioned further back towards the amp to pick off stragglers. Watch for spawns on the upper level (Upper left when facing directly east while standing on Amp C).
  • Trap durability is key. Broadside, floor spikes, wall launchers all make the job easier. I suggests trying to max perk out as many of your traps as possible, full impact/reload speed wall/floor launchers will make trap tunnels highly effective.
  • You will always be at risk of propane, it is best to remain far behind and using defenders with piercing weapons to pick off the stragglers.
  • In the last 10 seconds or so of each round I suggest activating the hoverboard so you have a quick transition to the next amplifier. You could also use jump pads interchangeably.
  • At the start of each round place your BASE and then return to the previous wave location and pick up as many drops as possible. Reducing the clutter on the map decreases the chance of crashing.
  • Gadgets are your friend, use turrets in earlier waves to save trap durability and slow field for any of those oh shit smasher/miniboss moments.
  • Create kill boxes, pathing and funneling so the husks are always taking damage. Similarly use your own ramps with floor spikes instead of natural paths (BASE provides additional damage bonus).
  • Use gas trap ceilings over every spawn it will make the defense a breeze.

Pro Tip: If you know that you are going to hit the structure limit build your trap tunnels without traps first. Traps are included in the structure limit up until the limit is reached, afterwards while you can't build anything you can place as many traps as you want. Warning: This will prevent you from building during the actual defense but if you have situated your tunnels, lobber shields and any other defenses properly you will be ok.

In conclusion I hope this guide helps you tackle Stonewood Endurance. Please feel free to comment any suggestions or tips you guys have and if you notice any mistakes please let me know! I know this game is receiving a lot of negative attention lately but I really believe Endurance is a bright spot within STW so hopefully if you haven't yet completed it this helps. Cheers!

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