Stop Advertising for “Garbage” Websites

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We see a ton of posts regarding complaints about certain "garbage" websites being spammed in general chat, or just found on the web.

We dont like these any more than you all do, but we arent Epic and putting the link to their website on this subreddit is just free advertising. Report them to Epic and/or block them in game, but do NOT post screenshots or include links to their services or anything that could potentially drive customers to seek them out. We will take action on any account that breaks this rule, up to and including issuing a permaban.

If you want to complain about how bad these places are via a text post, as long as it doesnt break any other subreddit/reddit rule, feel free. Again, if we can take your post and get to their site, there are going to be ramifications on your ability to post here.



ok post- "I am really tired of seeing people advertising their garbage crafting site in general chat, and to evade website blocks they are breaking up the www. and the rest of their link so it just looks like chat"

Not ok – " is spamming chat Epic please can you fix"

Not ok – "dubba you dubba you dubba you i sell fiveniteitems dot com is spamming chat Epic please fix"

Not ok –

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, feel free to contact us via modmail or post here.

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