Storm creeps and you: A guide to husks and mist monsters.

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Storm creeps and you: A guide to husks and mist monsters.

The storm has not only destroyed most of the life in the world, but paved way for new life. The come in many forms, and this guide aims to help you save the world from these monsters. Good luck commander!


Your standard monster from the storm, and the most common. Their lack of range and speed make them easy pickings for ranged weapons. Be wary not to be overconfident though, as being swarmed can be fatal.


Another enemy you’ll encounter soon. These husks specialise in range, throwing projectiles rather than charging you. They take some time to prepare a shot, so keep on your toes Commander!


The longest range husks are the lobbers. Throwing in an arch to rain pain on you and your fort, lobbers typically keep their distance and stay near their spawns. Keep your roof in place to counter their explosive attack. Poison lobbers can also be encountered later, that have a yellow flame and leave a damaging cloud after each shot.


A smaller version of your normal husk, these foes are much faster than most other husks. They also can jump walls, so fortify that fort to another height! An unlucky looter may find themselves encountering them after disturbing their naps in their crates and barrels. Keep moving to avoid being swarmed, and move fast!

Husky Husk

A much larger husk (though they insist they’re big boned), husky husks take damage to deal it. Though much slower than a normal husk, they will damage your dear fort and leave you with the repair cost. These should be higher priority than most other melee husks given their stats.


If you thought the last guys were bad, these are worse! Not only are they a husky husk, but they throw an explosive propane tank to damage you and your fort. They are reckless though, and may damage themselves and their friends. A sharp shooter may hit their tank while they carry it to deal damage to groups of husks, and keep the fort together. If they die before throwing their tanks, it will drop on the floor, perfect for a trap. Just remember, avoid the hiding and clanging when they throw it. You should target these husks before they get close.


Not the bees! Somehow this husk bee-friended some bees and turned them against Homebase. They behave like a normal husk, but leave a damaging trail of bees after them, and can spit them to you as well! A good few headshots can break their hives though, making them a normal husk. Take them out before they leave a trail of bees in your way.


These rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ husks are a step above their pitcher allies, as they can shoot a blast to you, and much more accurately. A fast mover can doge them, and a builder can make a wall when they hear their chuckle. Just remember to keep an ear out for their spurs that jingle jangle jingle as they go shuffling huskily along.

Riot husk

A husky husk gone on a fridge raid, these monsters are immune to most attacks from the front. A good shot in their eye slot will deal damage and count as a headshot. They are also weak from behind, and are not the fastest at turning, so a few jumps and shots around them should deal with them. Be wary of their attacks however, as they can send you back with the force. Be clear of their front to avoid this.


These little guys float around husks and give them a boost to health. While not a threat themselves, they can shield any enemy. Take them out first to remove the husks shield. If their host dies, they sit on the floor waiting for a new friend. Don’t risk it commander, take them out whenever possible.

Super shielders


Slightly larger than their smaller counterparts, these ones float around their host and protect it, and surrounding husks, with a orb of shielding energy. This orb can be shot to destroy it, or walked through. Not much of a pest to melee weapons. Like shielders, they sit on the ground after the allies demise, ready for round 2.


Ah, a rare chest, how lucky! Wait, look at it’s odd position, and listen to it’s off sound, and do you hear that chuckle as you open it? This is a mimic, a strong melee husk that has fooled many scavengers. Face it if you dare for good loot for the whole team.


BluGlo is a useful substance that ‘just works’, and something trolls like too. When you pick up a bit of BluGlo and hear a giggle, be ready for a game of wack-a-troll. With bombs. If you slay this menace, you will be rewarded with 2 BluGlo and a few recourses.

The ‘big league’ of husks are the mist monsters. These horrors will be stronger than any husk. Be prepared commander. These will make for though battles.


A ‘husky-husky husk’, the smashers are big and chunky, and will level your fort if it’s not reinforced. They will stomp and swing at close range, and charge at longer ranges. Listen for their screech and look for their eyes glowing to know if one is charging you. Get out they way unless you want another day with Medbot. A smasher emits a screaming noise when it spawns, so listen out for when you must fortify your fort.


The skies are not safe anymore. The taker is a quick husk that will charge you down and destroy your shield. However it’s charge can be a weakness, as shots can be fired at it then, before diving and firing again. They have the ability to teleport through walls to seek players of the want, so keep an eye out for a purple portal on the wall. Takers emit a high pitched screech when spawning, so listen for when you must watch the skies.


A zapper may seem bad, but these are much worse. Original reports show them as tall purple husks, but newer reports show that they walk on 4 legs. Despite this change in appearance, they still shoot lasers from their mouths after a charge up. Try to doge these powerful blasts, or build to protect yourself. While blasting, a blaster is stationary, leaving it open to attacks from behind. They also have a melee attack for if you get too close.


Imagine lobbers. Now imagine them throwing husks into your fort. This is what the storm king made to oppose Homebase. They stick to the back of the horde, and give their friends a head start in the charge. Your first thought may be to shoot it, but it’s weakness is to melee weapons. Use this to save ammo and time. Roofs are also very useful against them.

If that wasn’t bad enough, husks and mist monsters can spawn as elementals. They can be:

Nature – These husks are resistant to water, but are weak to fire. They deal more damage to metal structures and drain your energy

Fire – These husks are resistant to nature, but weak to water. They also can set you on fire with their attacks. They are strong agains wood structures.

Water – These husks are strong against stone structures, and chill you to the bone, slowing you. They are resistant to fire, but weak to nature.

A good energy weapon, however has no weakness and is thus good against all husks.


These husks can be any husk boated by the storm. They have effects such as resistance to all damage but traps, or leaving a build blocking trail behind them. Look for their powers beneath their health bar to know what’s coming.

Stay safe commanders, and good luck!

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