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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Storm King Tips

After a few completions I wanted to share a few tips and see if anyone has any tips to share as well.

At at basic level, there's 3 things to focus on and your loadout should reflect accordingly:

  1. Shoot the glowing yellow crystals on the SK.
  2. Melee/pick axe the SK's horns
  3. Kill or avoid mobs

Let's breakdown each focus above:

Shoot the glowing yellow crystals on the SK

  • Assault Rifles and Snipers work best because of their range and damage. Use heroes that compliment these weapons.
  • Use Physical weapons if you have them. All the enemies are physical, and I'm pretty sure the SK is too, so you'll be doing much more damage if you roll your weapons for physical damage.
  • There are 4 glowing pink/purple holes in the ground around the perimeter that boost you to the other side of the map. You can use these to quickly get on the other side of the SK to get a clear shot at his crystals.
  • Focus on the SK more than the mobs. More than one person should be shooting crystals as they begin to glow.

Melee/pick axe the SK's horns

  • The Wicked Wind is an axe from the Medieval set that does great damage against the SK's horns. Roll it physical, and you can roll 2 crit damage perks as well. This strategy pairs well with Whiteout Fiona as either Commander or Support because she adds crit chance for axes.
  • If you're going to use a pickaxe, Pathfinder Jess is your gal!
  • Last person up the ramp can "secure" it by building walls or floors to block the mobs from following you up the ramp.
  • If you have a hover turret ready, put one or two at the base of your ramp if you didn't "secure" it to keeps the mobs at bay.

Kill or avoid mobs

  • You don't want to spend too much time killing mobs, so eliminating large groups as quickly as possible is ideal.
  • Try to have at least one good AOE attack.
  • The De-atomizer 9000 is really good!
  • If you're a ninja and you happen to have dragon slash, that's good too!
  • Hover turret is really good for groups of mobs and the healing gadget comes in handy as well.
  • Campfires are good for healing if your healing gadget is on cooldown, but they can get destroyed pretty easily


  • Your Hero Loadout should consist of a commander that excels at either Focus #1 or Focus #2. Half of your support squad should buff your commander and the other half should give perks to the focus that your commander doesn't excel at. For example, if you're going to run a Physical Bundlebuss, a De-atomizer 9000, and a Wicked Wind with crit damage, you could use First Shot Rio as your commander, with Assault Crit Damage, Locked and Reloaded, Assault Damage, Anatomy Lessons, and Fleet in support.
  • I had a Baron with triple movement speed in my loadout for extra mobility, until I discovered the boosters that launch you across the map. I now have a De-atomizer 9000 in it's place to clear out a lot of mobs at once. If you're running a physical ranged weapon, you should have an easier time with the mist monsters too.
  • The Candycorn LMG with physical damage and triple crit damage rolls paired with Totally Rockin' Out is a great option if you can manage it. Plus it drops healing gumdrops for you and your team!
  • The Wraith and Bundlebuss are great assault rifle options. They pair well with First Shot Rio and Tactical Assault Sledgehammer in the commander slot.
  • If you're going to run sniper rifles, Redline Ramirez and Rabbit Raider Jonesy are your go-to commanders.
  • Lynx is really effective as commander. You just drop kunai storm when a crystal lights up and you're frozen in mid-air, away from the husks, doing 140% extra damage with your ranged weapon!
  • I like running a Fleetfoot Ken in my support squad for a little extra mobility (since you're running in water half the time).
  • If you're using a ninja, Triple Jump (soaring mantis team perk) is super useful for getting up the ramps to the horns and avoiding mobs and the SK's attacks.
  • You have several seconds in between crystals so if a teammate is down, get to them as quickly as possible and revive them. It's much easier to beat the SK with a team of 4.
  • None of the team perks really jumped out at me for the SK mission. So if I'm a ninja, I'll use Triple Jump, if I'm a soldier I'll run Slow Your Roll to freeze the mobs that are attacking while you're focusing on crystals.

These are just some of the things I found useful, but I really want to see what I missed so leave some comments with your tips!

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