Story Time. The tale of the level 20 Commander in Canny Valley.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Story Time. The tale of the level 20 Commander in Canny Valley.

For name privacy sake, we will address the gentleman I met as, Randy

We've all been there. Loading into a Canny Valley or Twine Peaks mission, excited and ready to go. I can smell the storm in the air, and hear the faint sounds of car alarms and husk growls. I check to make sure I am fully loaded and have a destination in mind. I then set off onto my mission, smile on my face.

But then it happens. Randy has loaded into your game With the frequent struggle myself and my peers face, I do the quality check. I find that my new comrad Randy is⚡️40 (20). A little tilted, I leave the match and then go to his profile to message this poor soul who is about to get lit up in messages. But do I want to be that guy? To go OFF and then what? Playstation message loads.

Not even 20 seconds after it loads and I go to type my message, Randy has messaged me with a nice ol' "?" It was such a fast message to me, that he must have been feeling a little wtf? too. So I backspace and message Randy and say, "You should gtfo Canny Valley. You are level 20."

Okay so no, not the nicest. But whatever. He replies, "No. I'm in Canny Valley. I'm trying to get to Twine Peaks." So in my head I'm like wait what? That's not possible. I did the story line like everyone else and I'm the proper level. But instead I just reply with, "Sigh. Well best wishes leecher" because there is absolutely no way someone is in Canny Valley at level 20 without getting leeched. Just not possible… Right? Yeah, wrong.

Randy replies with 2 screenshots, one is of the Earth, and you have your areas to choose from. He's hovering Canny Valley in that screen. The next screen is him actually being able to select and Queue for Canny Valley missions despite his PL in the top left reading 20. The 2 screenshots came with a delightful, "Leecher. I'm in Canny F%tard"

Meh, shrug that off. He was originally probably going to get worse from me anyways. So I reply with very basic explanation of "See where it says 40-70? You are 20. You are dragging your team down being at such a low level. You are more than likely going to get one shot inside Canny Valley. The game shows a boosted level that might have you around 40 but that's not an accurate way of choosing your missions. And it's not an accurate way of viewing your stats. I don't think I'm the F%tard in this situation, but nice try!" In my head hes still trying to pull a fast one on me. Someone helped him, right? He must have never got the mats, or whatever the case may be to properly level him to Canny Valley even though he can queue for it.

Randy replies with, "How do I get my PL up? Everyone keeps telling me I'm too low for Canny Valley. Sorry for calling you a F%tard, bad day and shouldn't have taken anger out"


This is where my light bulb finally goes off. Holy sh%, maybe this dude messed up somewhere. Or did something wrong. So the next couple messages are quite longer but the summary is me explaining survivor squads, and how survivors work in raising your PL by great amounts. Matching personalities, and bonuses. Because that would be the sole reason he would be so low in PL. Also explained what PL is and how it affects stats. The whole nine. I also shared an example of what my HP/Shield is in comparison to his so he can see some numbers. Me. 60k HP. 9K Shield. Randy. 24k HP. 7K Shield.

He replies, about how he thought survivors were just people to collect and level up. And didn't know they were to be assigned into a squad. He sends me lots of screenshots of his survivors, (TONS by the way), and he was sitting on roughly 400k survivor xp and a couple mythics. Some were leveled, but not nearly what we do for ours.

So I then reply telling him they are much more than collectibles, but collectibles are also a fair way of looking at it too. They don't fight. They don't do anything but boost stats and give bonuses. I then explained that's what the defenders were for. But if he wanted to gain PL, he needed to do his squads.

Randy replies, thanking me and saying how no one has showed him or explained what to do. Everyone just bails. So I forwarded him to our subreddit for information and guides. I also explained why we get so frustrated with the low levels and are instantly mad. I told him about the leeching problem, and the BR community coming over and taxing us.

I apologize to him for being so quick to be a D%k to him and that it honestly never crossed my mind that someone just didn't know.

He then replies with a few more screenshots, where he assigned his survivors and went up to PL 26, just by assigning them. Then where he is up to PL 35 after leveling them up and getting the bonuses. He thanks me again and adds me as a friend. friend request accepted.

End Story

TL;DR – Met a gentleman in Canny Valley. PL 20. After some time in messages, come to find out he never knew that survivors were a thing and it was dragging him down roughly 20 levels.

So this leaves me with a few thoughts guys. We are in some bad times when it comes to our beloved game. The taxing, AFK, and leeching are clear issues. And we are all getting more flustered day by day. But just remember, not everyone is out to get us. Some people just don't know. Some folks, are Randy. Because let's be honest, Fortnite's STW tutorial system, is lacking.

So remember. Stay positive and look at the best in others. You might be pleasantly surprised. Happy Hunting Commanders!

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