Storytelling: Let’s dream a bit beyond Twine

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Storytelling: Let’s dream a bit beyond Twine

(Total Fiction! Not taken seriously!)

We're on another time line where Save the World is still important to Epic.

First a little Backstory: Twine is different that we know it. Own bio of course, based on the Twine Stormshield Design (We still have beans and we're cool with that).

It never got as big as we know it, PL100 4player missions are the highest we can get there.

"Okay, game is too easy, boyos" Jacksepticeye said.

Epic imidiadly responded with a sick ass trailer of a new zone: Moon (We're obviously going into space, like we got teased in the beginning cutscenes).

Moon starts with a new stormshield and new Zones, starting at PL108, of course it comes with it's own bio. The environment looks overall blue/greyish, with a green river that throws bubbles and will kill you when they hit you, you will also die if you fall into it.

On the maps you will find small moonbases, a crashed spaceship, landed satellites, the movie set from the "Beyond the Stellar Horizon"-Event and much more (No t4 mats of course).

We have way more hills and pits here, that's where the best part comes in. Balloons and Jetpacks where introduced to Save the World (Only usable on Moon).

At the end of Moon we find the PL140 missions and MSK.

"Ladys and gentleman of youtube, the game is still too easy, I'm the best player in the world, Markiplier out“ another streamer says.

Devs didn't like that and going further.

PL146 & PL150 zones!

But what's new there?

The Husks on this zones all have different elements mixed up on them, doesn't deal much more damage than in the zones before but have much more health and are only taking 25% damage from the wrong element.


Which means you are forced to shoot a physical husk with a physical gun, water against fire and so on.

In this time line Epic hooked us up with 5 weapon slots so we stand a chance against them.

But that's not the only thing that makes our life hard on Moon.

Introducing our new Husk: SpaceHusky

How does he look like? You remember your old Blasters? Same model but with a space helmet. Can he blast you too? Thank god not but he's basically a chrome husky mixed up with a miniboss (without the modifier), so he's not pushable or effected by traps, you're forced to kill him by yourself.

That's all? At the end of Moon gravity is low, you move slower but jump higher.

PL146 -15% Movement speed

PL150 -25% Movement speed

So that's the end?

You thought!

Now that you managed to fight your way through the many fetch quest on those zones, you have access to the last map on Moon.

A giant Moonbase broken in 10 pieces, each has a big Vindertech Logo on it.

You guessed right, we found the technology to end the storm forever.

10 Defenses with low gravity, slow movement, hard elements, Spacehuskys and lots of minibosses.

If you can save the pieces it will defeat the storm and sends you back to the Earth.

Congratulations, you Saved the World.

Wanna play the story again with all your gear?

Insert vbuck.

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