STW 6.30 Update Information

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BATTLE ROYALE: Battle Royale is now getting materials and a crafting menu, they can now break trees to get wood and Twine. They will add crafting to Battle Royale and all players will start with one of every schematic, at level 1 and schematics can be leveled up as players get kills or open Supply Lamas and open chests. Each elimination is thousand schematic XP.

Nuts and bolts can be gotten from metallic objects and blast powder can be crafted from coal. Zombies can now drop ammo and crafting materials.


Added new gas strap that does damage over time, added new ceiling zapper trap which stuns enemies. Added hoverboard to Battle Royale which can be crafted with hoverboard Parts every match which can be harvested from Cars.

Added voice lines to Battle Royale characters while doing emotes. Added Constructor characters to Battle Royale, added weapon skins and hats in Battle Royale.

SAVE THE WORLD: Added dire, a new Support specialist in the weekly store.


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